1996 Commander William T. Riker, Star Trek

1996 Commander William T. Riker, Star Trek
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Commander William T. Riker, or Wil, as many of his friends abourd the U.S.S. Enterprise  NCC 1701-D call him, is the first officer of the flag ship for the United Federation of Planets. As Captain Picard's "Number One", Commander Riker daringly takes on away missions and other assignments as he keeps the Captain out of harms way. He has had the unique experiences of being inveloped by Armus (a black oil slick that murdered Lt. Tash Yar), serving as first officer abourd a Klingon ship, and falling in love with a specially programmed holodeck character named Minuette. As this 1996 Hallmark ornament clearly shows, Commander Riker isn't afraid of danger, as he pulls out his phaser and prepares to fire. Of course, when Wil isn't taking on the dangers of the Universe, he is usually playing poker, or romancing the lovely Counselor Deanna Troi.

Artist: N/A

Size: 2 1/2" H

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