2003 Polar Coaster, Magic

2003 Polar Coaster, Magic
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Santa's theme park way up north draws folks from all around. They love the great attractions and the best rides ever found. For maximum excitement and some real heart-stopping fun, they ride the POLAR COASTER - and they say it's "Number One!" The cars go up, up, up the track, then hurtle down the hill...They tilt and tip round every curve - a coaster lover's thrill! But as with all good things in life, the ride comes to an end. And when it does, the people shout, "Let's go around again!"

Slide the switch on the back of the large ornament to the "on" position, and you'll set the scene in motion! The cars on the ROLLER COASTER actually MOVE ! The carousel and the Ferris wheel TURN ! The Christmas tree GLOWS ! When you push the button the the front, the SOUNDS give you the feeling you're in one of the Polar Roller Coaster cars!

Motion, Lights and Sound!

Hear the delightful sounds of the kids as they race down the hill!

Size: 4 1/2 "H

Artist: Ken Crow

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