2004 Lunch Wagon for Porky Pig, Loony Tunes Lunchbox Set

2004 Lunch Wagon for Porky Pig, Loony Tunes Lunchbox Set
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One might say that Warner Bros. Studios was the "house thar Porky built," since he was the animation studio's first star. After debuting in I havent't Got a Hat, Porky quickly won over crowds with his innocence and distinctive speech. He helped intorduce both Daffy Duck (Pork's Duck Hunt) and Bugs Bunny (Porky's Hare Hunt).

This lunchbox ornament is a replica of an original lunchbox. It depicts Porky at his lunch wagon surrounded by some of his favorite Loony Tunes friends. The ornament opens like a real lunchbox, and the drink container ornament can be placed inside.

Set of two ornaments.

Made of pressed tin and handcrafted

Artist: NA

Size: Lunchbox: 3 3/8" W x 2 1/2" H, Drink Container: 1" W x 2" H

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