2005 Carousel Ride #2, Proud Giraffe - VERY RARE

2005 Carousel Ride #2, Proud Giraffe - VERY RARE
Brand: Hallmark
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Who wants to ride
on a painted giraffe
back to the carousel days,
when Christmas came round
more slowly, it seemed,
but thrilled us in magical ways?

The Proud Giraffe Hallmark ornament is second in the Hallmark Carousel Ride series. This series recreates the elaborate carousel animals that master woodcarvers once took great pride in creating.

The Carousel Ride Proud Giraffe ornament was produced in much smaller quantities than the Majestic Lion ornament (first in the Carousel Ride series). The demand for this VERY RARE ornament far exceeds the number of ornaments available on the secondary market.

The current market value for this ornament never seems to stop rising.

This Hallmark ornament is handcrafted and metal.

This ornament is EXTREMELY RARE.

Yes, the price is correct - that is not an error.

Artist: Kristina Kline

Size: 5" H

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