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2015 WACO Aristocrat, Sky's the Limit #19
Model SRE. 19th in the Sky's the Limit series Propeller spins. Artist: ..
2017 Winter Cardinal - PRE ORDER - SHIPS AFTER JULY 15
Glass and metal. Artist: Tom Best Size: 3.25" x 4.37" x 3" This ornam..
2011 Getting Into The Spirit
This 2011 Hallmark ornament is made porcelain and metal. This 2011 Hallmark Keepsake ornamen..
2016 Picnic Set, Barbie, LIMITED QUANTITY
This 2016 Hallmark Keepsake Ornament is a Hallmark Gold Crown Exclusive. This ornament was d..
2017 Winter White Snowman - AVAIL OCT
Designed by Marjolein Bastin. Artist: Jim Kemme Size: 3.01" x 3.76" x 2.09..
2002 Goofy Clockworks, Disney
A Hallmark Keepsake Ornament to cherish. Mickey, Donald, and Goofy are trying to make time fly by..
2016 Quill You Be My Snow Buddy?, Miniature
This 2016 Hallmark Keepsake Ornament is a Hallmark Gold Crown Exclusive. Artist: Tammy Ha..
2017 Welcoming Wreath, Marjoleins Garden #4 - PRE ORDER - SHIPS AFTER JULY 15
4th in the Marjolein's Garden Series. Designed by Marjolein Bastin. Artist: Jim..
2002 School Days, Winnie the Pooh #5
This Hallmark Keepsake Ornament is the fifth in a series of life like looks which pictures Pooh p..
2017 With This Ring
Porcelain. Artist: Terri Steiger Size: 3.8" x 4" x .75" ..
2004 Just For Santa, Club Ornament, Miniature
This 2004 Miniature Hallmark Keepsake Ornament was exclusively available to Keepsake Ornament Club M..
2017 Noah's Ark - PRE ORDER - SHIPS AFTER JULY 15
Artist: Tracy Larsen Size: 2.57" x 3.17" x 4.1" This ornament was first a..
2003 Sleigh Ride, Winter Wonderland #2
Second in the Winter Wonderlad Hallmark Ornament Series. This 2003 Hallmark Keepsake Ornamen..
2017 O Play-Doh Tree - Hasbro - PRE ORDER - SHIPS AFTER JULY 15
Artist: Orville Wilson Size: 2.3" x 4.4" x .7" This ornament was first av..
2003 Celebrate, Decorate, Enjoy
This 2003 Hallmark Keepsake ornament is a glass ball decorated with snowflakes and other holiday ima..
1997 Miss Gulch, The Wizard of Oz
In the opening scenes of the classic film, The Wizard of Oz, Dorothy's dog Toto escapes from thes..
2017 Coronation Day - Disney Frozen - PRE ORDER - SHIPS AFTER JULY 15
Dated Artist: NA Size: 1.62" x 4.01" x 1.48" This ornament was first ..
2003 Adoption
This 2003 Hallmark Ornament features a pair of hands holding a heart inside of a oval, which read..
2007 A Jedi Legacy Revealed, Star Wars
In the safety of his desert dwelling on the remote planet of Tatooine, Ben Kenobi awakens the leg..
2017 Spotlight on Snoopy - 20th Anniversary - PRE ORDER - SHIPS AFTER JULY 15
Porcelain. Artist: Jim Kemme. Size: 1.77" x 2.83" x 2.2" This ornamen..
2005 Joyful Tidings, Arianne
This 2005 Hallmark Ornament features the angel Arianne, and her color is Silver, representing Bea..
2002 Tin Man, The Wizard of Oz, Miniature
This MINIATURE ORNAMENT is aprox 1" Artist: Anita Marra Rogers..
2017 Skeletor - He-Man and the Masters of the Universe - AVAIL OCT
Dated. Artist: NA Size: 2.21" x 5" x 2.75" This ornament was first av..
2005 My Third Christmas, Girl
Artist: Kristina Kline Size: 2½" H ..
1997 C-3PO and R2-D2, Star Wars, Miniature
A set of two miniature ornaments. They're the best-known team of droids in the Rebel Allianc..
2017 Hulk - Thor: Ragnarok - AVAIL OCT
Dated. Artist: NA Size: 3.62" x 4.87" x 1.96" This ornament was first..
1993 Tigger and Piglet, Winnie the Pooh
Tigger is ice-skating and Piglet is holding onto Tigger's tail tightly in this 1993 Hallmark Ornamen..
1997 Joe Namath, Football Legends #3
#3 in the Football Legends series! In 1967, New York Jets quarterback Joe Namath led his tea..
2017 Beginnings: Stormtrooper, Star Wars, Star Wars Celebration, RARE
This ornament depicts an early concept drawing that George Lucas had for the Stormtroopers in the..
1988 Hall Bro's Card Shop, Nostalgic House #5
Fifth in the Nostalgic Houses and Shops Hallmark Ornament Series Size: 2 1/2" H Artist: Donna..
2002 Kevin Garnett, Hoop Stars #8
#8 in the Hoop Stars Hallmark Ornament series! Minnesota Timberwolves star power forward, Ke..
2006 Frosty Friends Cool Yule COLORWAY - DB
We loved this little Eskimo And all his buddies, too, Since back in 1980 With the ..
2004 Star Trek Insignias, Star Trek
These mini ornaments are reproductions of emblems from three different eras. The Command Insignia fr..
2001 A Story for Pooh, Winnie the Pooh and Christopher Robin, Too #3
Nothing is better than a bedtime story in a rocking chari with your best friend! Christopher Robi..
2004 Vulcan Command Ship, Star Trek
A unique ornament! Vulcans were the first alien species to make contact when humans achieved the tec..
2013 Father Christmas #10
10th in the Father Christmas Hallmark ornament series This 2013 Hallmark Keepsake Ornament i..
1997 New Pair of Skates, Disney
Mickey invites his sweetheart Minnie to go ice-skating, but it'€™s Minnie's turn to be gallant ..
2013 Season's Treatings #5
5th in the Hallmark ornament series This 2013 Hallmark Keepsake Ornament is a Gold Crown Exc..
2005 Victorian Home, Nostalgic Homes and Shops
Twenty-second in the Nostalgic Houses and Shops Hallmark Ornament Series. Artist: Don Palmit..
2013 O Come All Ye Faithful
This 2013 Hallmark Keepsake Ornament is a Gold Crown Exclusive. The melody of O Come A..
2006 Rock Candy Railroad, Magic
To send the train on its way, turn the dial to one of four preset positions and hit the "Go" butt..
2013 Merry Little Christmas
This 2013 Hallmark Keepsake Ornament is a Gold Crown Exclusive. ..
1998 Mickey's Comet, Mickey & Co., Magic
Mickey is always helping Goofy out. This time he is helping Goofy from going overboard. This Hall..
2013 Teacher
Show the favorite teachers in your life how im..
2009 Lionel Holiday Boxcar, Lionel Trains
Many a childhood Christmas memory begins with the sweet sound of a Lionel train busily chuffing arou..
2013 Big Box of 64!, Crayola
64 unique colors? Oh, the possibilities! Never forget the excitement of upgrading to your fir..
1994 Barbie #1 - Barbie Debut
Barbie debuted in 1959 wearing a black and white striped one piece bathing suit and her hair was ..
2013 A Puddy for Tweety
He did! He did get a puddy tat for Christmas..
2001 Fire Station No. 1, Town and Country #3
#3 in the Town and Country Series Made of ressed tin Size: 3 1/4" H Artist: Linda ..
2013 Bilbo Baggins, The Hobbit
Like all Hobbits, Bilbo Baggins is fond of his comfortable existence; all he needs to be happ..
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