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Limited Qty 2013

Limited Quantity 2013 Hallmark Ornaments

Every year, Hallmark releases some of their keepsake ornaments on a very limited basis. These limited quantity ornaments are usually only available to club members, at special events (such as the San Diego Comic Convention), at the July Hallmark Ornament Premiere, or the October Hallmark Ornament Debut. The ornaments below are many of the rare Hallmark Ornaments  that were offered at these special events.

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2013 A Pony For Christmas, Colorway, Limited Edition
This 2012 Limited Edition is a colorway (or repaint) version of the 2012 Pony for Christmas. ..
2013 A Tropical Holiday, Cookie Cutter Christmas, Event, Colorway
Event exclusive available at the 2013 Hangin' With Your Buddies event.    Rare!..
2013 Alice In Wonderland, Precious Moments, Limited Edition
A Limited Edition Hallmark Keepsake Ornament for 2012, Alice in Wonderland is made of porcelain. ..
2013 Bat-Pod, Batman, LIMITED QUANTITY
This 2013 limited quantity Hallmark Keepsake ornament features Batman on the Bat-Pod, as seen "The D..
2013 Boushh, Star Wars, Limited Edition
In an attempt to rescue Han Solo, Princess Leia enters Jabba the Hutt's palace on Tatooine disguised..
2013 Busy Bakers, Club Ornament
Momma and baby bear are spending some holiday time together, building memories and a gingerbread ..
2013 Christmas Windows #11, Club Ornament
#11 in the Christmas Windows Club series. The 2013 window features the Five and Dime store. ..
2013 Cinderella's Castle Colorway - D23 Expo - Only 825 Made!
Cinderella’s castle is so majestic and the Hallmark Ornament captures its essence. When the kno..
2013 Decking the Broom, Looney Tunes, Limited Edition
This 2013 Hallmark Keepsake features Witch Hazel from the Looney Tunes. This ornament is a 2013 L..
2013 Disco Ball Mike, Disneys Monsters Univeristy
Mike is from Disney’s movie, Monsters University. Mike is a green one blue eyed monster who is ..
2013 Father Christmas's Reindeer, Limited Edition
This reindeer compliments that 2013 Father Christmas ornament. This ornament is a 2013 Limited Ed..
2013 Father Christmas, Event, Colorway
This Keepsake Ornament was originally produced and released by Hallmark in 2013 and exclusively a..
2013 Ford Mustang Boss 302 - Hard to find!
This 2013 Hallmark Keepsake Ornament is a Hallmark Gold Crown Exclusive. This Keepsake Ornam..
2013 Free Kisses, Disneys Snow White, LIMITED QUANTITY
Dopey has a sign that reads “Free Kisses” and he has several sets of lip prints on his face. ..
2013 Gazebo, Nostalgic Houses and Shops, Limited Edition
This 2013 Hallmark ornament complements the Nostalgic Houses and Shops series. There is an armchair ..
2013 Gollum, The Hobbit, Lord of the Rings, LIMITED QUANTITY
This is one of six Limited Edition Hallmark Ornaments issued at the October 2013 Hallmark Ornament D..
2013 I Can Do It!, Crayola - Register to Win
This colorway/repaint of the 2013 I Can Do It Crayola crayon ornament was a register to win piece..
2013 Indigo Bunting, Beauty of Birds, COLORWAY, EVENT
This is a repaint of the 8th ornament in the Beauty of Birds Hallmark Ornament Series. It wa..
2013 It's Snowing Sweetness!, Christmas Cupcakes, Colorway, RTW
This 2013 Hallmark Keepsake Ornament is a Hallmark Gold Crown Exclusive. This repainted ve..
2013 Lionel 2037 Locomotive, repaint, LIMITED QUANTITY
This 2013 Hallmark Keepsake ornament is a repainted version of the 2037 Lionel Steam Locomotive (..
2013 Madame Alexander Halloween Wicked Witch of the West, Club Ornament
This 2013 Keepsake Ornament was only available to Keepsake Ornament Club Members. It is made o..
2013 Man of Steel, Superman, Comic-Con
This 2013 event colorway (or repaint) ornament was crafted from the same mold as the 2013 Man of ..
2013 Maurice Richards, Canada Exclusive
This ornament was exclusively offered in Canada during the 2013 ornament season. This Hallmark K..
2013 Mrs. Claus's Stove, Club Ornament, Repaint
This is a repainted version of the 2012 Mrs. Claus's Stove ornament that was released in very limite..
2013 Out Of Time In Oz, The Wizard of Oz,  Limited Edition
Set of three miniature ornaments. The hourglass, withc's hat, and Ruby Slippers all figur..
2013 Patrick Kane, Chicago Blackhawks
This 2013 Hallmark ornament is an updated "repaint" of the 2010 Patrick Kane. Specially released ..
2013 Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Canada Exclusive
This 2013 Hallmark Keepsake ornament was originally available exclusively in Canada Since thi..
2013 Santa's Overnight Delivery, Here Comes Santa, Limited Edition
Santa's Overnight Delivery promises "We Never Miss A Stop" This ornament complements the Here Com..
2013 Sewing for Cinderelly, Disney, Limited Edition
What are friends for? Jaq and  Gus are assisting in making Cinderella’s beautiful pink bal..
2013 Skating Santa, VIP
Every time he gets a chance, Santa grabs his skates, then glides onto the ice, and practices figu..
2013 Skating Santa, VIP - DB
Every time he gets a chance, Santa grabs his skates, then glides onto the ice, and practices figu..
2013 Snow One Like You, Associate Gift, LIMITED QUANTITY
This 2013 Hallmark ornament is a colorway (or repainted) version of the 2012 Forever Family Hallmark..
2013 Tis the Seasoning!, Club Ornaments
This adorable snow couple were originally offered as a Club Member Exclusive.  &nb..
2013 U.S.S. Kelvin Colorway, Star Trek, SDCC - ONLY 1575 MADE!
This 2013 EVENT Hallmark ornament was made from the same mold as the U.S.S. Kelvin ornament that ..
2013 Visit From Santa 5th Anniversary, LIMITED QUANTITY
This 2013 limited quantity special edition Hallmark ornament celebrates five years of the Visit From..
2013 Winter Fairy, Fairy Messengers, Event, Colorway
This event exclusive ornament was excluisvely available in limited quantities at the 2013 Hangin'..
2013 Wrath of Rancor, Star Wars, SDCC
This 2013 Hallmark event ornament, which was specially created for the 2013 San Diego and New Yor..
2013 Yummy Yule Log Cake, Season's Treating's, LIMITED QUANTITY
This Special Edition Limited Quantity Keepsake Ornament was originally produced and released by H..
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