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Barbie Hallmark Ornaments

Since 1993, Hallmark has been producing Barbie ornaments every year, starting with 1993 Holiday Barbie. They have produced a variety of different Barbie series ornaments, including Holiday Barbie, Celebrations barbie, Barbie (Nostalgia), Barbie Club Porcelain, Barbie Fashion Model Collection, Birthday Wishes Barbie, Children's Collection Barbie, Dolls of the World Barbie, Happy Holidays Barbie (Club Ornament Series), and Springtime Barbie. Hallmark has also produced many non-series and miniature Barbie ornaments as well. In 2012, Hallmark and Mattel did not renew their licensing agreement, and so there weren't any Barbie ornaments produced in 2013 and 2014 (although there is a set that was released in 2015 that filled in the gap left for 2013 and 2014 Holiday Barbie). However, in 2015, the very popular Barbie Hallmark ornament collection returned, and is back to being one of the most popular Hallmark ornament collector series.


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1993 Holiday Barbie #1
Barbie with her golden hair is wearing a stunning red ball gown. This Hallmark Ornament is the fi..
1994 Barbie #1 - Barbie Debut
Barbie debuted in 1959 wearing a black and white striped one piece bathing suit and her hair was ..
1994 Holiday Barbie #2
Barbie always wears the perfect outfit for any occasion and for the holiday season, Barbie is wea..
1995 Barbie #2 - Solo in the Spotlight
This 1950’s Barbie is wearing a black fitted dress as she sings into the microphone. This 1995 ..
1995 Barbie Brunette Debut, Club Ornament
This Hallmark Keepsake Ornament was produced to satisfy the demand for brunette Barbie. This Orna..
1995 Happy Holidays Barbie - Stocking Hanger
A beautiful way to hang your Christmas stocking! Barbie is decked out in a gorgeous gold gown wit..
1995 Holiday Barbie #3
What says Christmas more than a dazzling queen? Barbie is beautiful in this green gown with a flo..
1995 Springtime Barbie #1
A spring delight! Barbie is ready for Easter in her floral floor length dress and wide brimmed Ea..
1995 Springtime Barbie #1 - DB
A spring delight! Barbie is ready for Easter in her floral floor length dress and wide brimmed Ea..
1996 Barbie #3 - Featuring the Enchanted Evening
What an enchanted evening! Barbie adorned in a floor length pink gown with a white fur wrap. She ..
1996 Happy Holidays Barbie #1, Club Ornament
A Christmas vision in holiday red! Barbie is wearing a gorgeous red layered dress and ready for a..
1996 Holiday Barbie #4
Carrying a white muff, Barbie is ready for a holiday function wearing a gold gown with a burgundy..
1996 Native American Barbie
As part of the Dolls of the World Series, Barbie is wearing an Indian Princess dress. The dress i..
1996 Springtime Barbie #2
Springtime Barbie is second in the series of Spring Time Barie. Pretty in pink, Barbie is in a pi..
1997 Barbie #4 - Wedding Day Barbie
Here comes the bride! Barbie is ready for her wedding wearing a white gown with a lace overskirt ..
1997 Barbie and Ken, Wedding Day
Barbie and Ken have long awaited their wedding and here they are dressed for their formal wedding..
1997 Chinese Barbie, Dolls of the World #2
Barbie is wearing a colorful kimono with gold trim. This is the second in the Hallmark Dolls of t..
1997 Happy Holidays Barbie #2, Club Ornament
Who is ready for this year’s winter formal? Barbie is just stunning in her glowing white silk g..
1997 Holiday Barbie #5
Such a beautiful dress for the holidays! Barbie is wearing a red and white gown with silver trim ..
1997 Holiday Memories Barbie
This is a Victorian Elegance Barbie Ornament. Who doesn’t like a locket? When the locket is ope..
1997 Holiday Traditions Barbie
Designed from early 1900’s artwork from greeting cards, this Hallmark Keepsake Ornament has Bar..
1997 Rapunzel, Children's Collection Barbie #1
Barbie is dressed as Rapunzel with a glimmer floor length dress with accents. This Hallmark Keeps..
1997 Springtime Barbie #3
Nothing says spring as pink and white roses. Barbie is wearing a full skirted pink and white dres..
1997 Victorian Elegance Barbie Ornament
Lockets were very popular in Victorian times and Barbie is pictured inside the locket ornament we..
1998 Children's Collection Barbie #2 - Little Bo Peep
“Little Bo Peep has lost her sheep” and Barbie is dressed as Bo Peep. She is wearing pink and..
1998 Happy Holidays Barbie #3, Club Ornament
Barbie is wearing a hot pink multi-tiered skirted gown with puffy sleeves. What a festive holiday..
1998 Holiday Barbie #6
Black and shimmery is exactly what Barbie is wearing this holiday season. This is the sixth Hallm..
1998 Holiday Barbie, Af-Am #1
This Hallmark Ornament is an African American Barbie dressed in a black and shimmery gown. A..
1998 Holiday Voyage Barbie, Holiday Homecoming
Reminiscent  of the early 1900’s, this Hallmark Ornament is a picture of Barbie and Barbie..
1998 Mexican Barbie, Dolls of the World #3
Barbie is dressed in a green, red and white flowered skirt and a white peasant top. This is the t..
1998 Silken Flame, Barbie #5
Ready for a night on the town, Barbie is clad in a dress what has a white skirt and red bodice wi..
1998 Suburban Shopper, Barbies Friend Midge
Midge is Barbie’s good friend, Midge is going shopping in her summery blue and white horizontal..
1999 40th Anniversary Barbie
Barbie turned 40 in 1999 and looks ravishing in this black and white long gown. This Hallmark Orn..
1999 Barbie Dream House
Barbie has a pink home with blue accents. It has a Victorian flavor along with a balcony on the s..
1999 Barbie Lunchbox
Who didn’t want to carry a lunchbox to school? This lunchbox commemorates Barbie’s 40th anniv..
1999 Barbie Travel Case & Barbie,  Miniature
This Hallmark Ornament is a two piece miniature set that is a replica of the 1961 Mattel toys. Ba..
1999 Cinderella Barbie, Children's Collection Barbie #3
Barbie as Cinderella in this Hallmark Keepsake Ornament. Barbie is wearing a blue floor length go..
1999 Gay Parisienne, Barbie #6
Gay Parisienne Barbie is sixth in the Barbie Ornament series. Barbie is very fashionable for 1959..
1999 Happy Holidays Barbie #4, Club Ornament
This Hallmark Ornament is a replica of the 1991 Mattel Happy Holidays Barbie Doll. A flowing floo..
1999 Millennium Princess Barbie
Getting ready for the new century, Barbie is wearing a silvery and navy gown. This is a replica o..
1999 Millennium Princess Barbie - SDB
Getting ready for the new century, Barbie is wearing a silvery and navy gown. This is a replica o..
1999 Millennium Princess Barbie, Af-Am
Getting ready for the new century, this Barbie that is African American is wearing a silver and n..
1999 Russian Barbie, Dolls of the World #4
As the fourth of the Barbie Dolls of the World Collection, this Hallmark Keepsake Ornament featur..
1999 Silken Flame Barbie, Century Stamp
Celebrating Barbie’s 40th anniversary, this Hallmark Keepsake Ornament has the Silken Flame Bar..
2000 1962 Barbie Hatbox
Barbie's hat case is vinyl with a working zipper. Artist: Patricia Andrews Size: 2 3/4"..
2000 Ballerina Barbie
In her handcrafted, pink leotard and dress, Ballerina Barbie is ready to twirl into everyone's he..
2000 Barbie Angel of Joy
BARBIE radiates a special feeling of warmth as the Angel of Joy. Supported by two golden strands, BA..
2000 Barbie Angel of Joy - DB
BARBIE radiates a special feeling of warmth as the Angel of Joy. Supported by two golden strands,..
2000 Barbie, Club Ornament
The year 2000 is truly a landmark...the doorway to a new millennium...a time that calls for spectacu..
2000 Celebration Barbie #1
BARBIE is radiant in an evening ensemble that celebrates the holiday season and the new century. ..
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