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Barbie Hallmark Ornaments

Since 1993, Hallmark has been producing Barbie ornaments every year, starting with 1993 Holiday Barbie. They have produced a variety of different Barbie series ornaments, including Holiday Barbie, Celebrations barbie, Barbie (Nostalgia), Barbie Club Porcelain, Barbie Fashion Model Collection, Birthday Wishes Barbie, Children's Collection Barbie, Dolls of the World Barbie, Happy Holidays Barbie (Club Ornament Series), and Springtime Barbie. Hallmark has also produced many non-series and miniature Barbie ornaments as well. In 2012, Hallmark and Mattel did not renew their licensing agreement, and so there weren't any Barbie ornaments produced in 2013 and 2014 (although there is a set that was released in 2015 that filled in the gap left for 2013 and 2014 Holiday Barbie). However, in 2015, the very popular Barbie Hallmark ornament collection returned, and is back to being one of the most popular Hallmark ornament collector series.


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2004 Barbie 45th Anniversary, Lighted
A fabulous tribute to 45 years of beauty, style, and glamour, this elegant black gown is accented by..
2004 Barbie as the Princess and the Pauper
Long ago and far away, two baby girls were born in the same kingdom - one in the palace and one i..
2004 Barbie Lisette
Entrance-making made easy in a full-skirted mint green satin ball gown accented with dashes of black..
2004 Barbie Peppermint Candy Cane
A beautiful ballerina inspired by the peppermint candy cane in the beloved ballet The Nutcracker, Ba..
2004 Barbie Shoe Tree
This Hallmark Keepsake ornament, Barbie Shoe Tree Ornament, is part of Barbie's 45th Anniversary Col..
2004 Barbie, Club
Billions of Dreams Barbie This 2004 Hallmark Keepsake Ornament Collector's Club ornament was excl..
2004 Celebration Barbie #5
For over a decade, Barbie doll has celebrated the holiday season with a beautiful fashion commemo..
2004 Celebration Barbie, Special 2004 Edition, Af-Am
African-American Celebration Barbie For over a decade, Barbie doll has celebrated the holiday..
2004 Fashion, Fun and Friendship, Barbie
Set of 3 Barbie™ figurines. Handcrafted and fabric. After Five™ (1962-1964), Silken Flame™ ..
2004 Smasheroo Barbie, Barbie #11
Barbie doll has always been in the forefront of fashion! In 1968 she updated her look, adopting a ne..
2005 Barbie and the Magic of Pegasus
Barbie is handcrafted, and her dress is made of fabric. Artist: N/A Size: 3¾" H..
2005 Barbie as Titania Ornament, from A Midsummer Night'€™s Dream
Alluring in the role of Titania, Queen of the Fairies, Barbie doll takes us on a fantastic flight..
2005 Barbie Delphine
A cool dip of an evening gown in icy delphinium blue satin and taffeta to cool the hottest summer ni..
2005 Barbie Fairytopia, Magic
This 2005 Magic Hallmark Ornament features Barbie with wings that glow. Battery operated. Uses 3 ..
2005 Barbie Road Trip, Miniature
Set of 4 Barbie Miniature Hallmark ornaments. Artist: N/A Size: Camera 1" W, Suitcase 2" W, ..
2005 Barbie, Club - VERY RARE
This VERY RARE, 2005 Hallmark club ornament sold out very quickly, and was produced in very limit..
2005 Celebration Barbie #6
Holiday Barbie doll is becoming a favorite, festive tradition, reflecting all the joy and beauty of ..
2005 Celebration Barbie Af-Am
Celebration Barbie 6th in Series - African American Inspired by the 2005 Holiday Barbie doll..
2005 Fashion Luncheon, Barbie #12
#12 in the Barbie Hallmark Ornament Series. This 2005 Barbie Ornament features a sophisticated en..
2005 Step Out in Style Ornament Set, Barbie
This 2005 Hallmark Barbie ornament set has 7 different ornaments - 3 pairs of gorgeous shoes (sil..
2006 Barbie 12 Dancing Princesses, Magic
To see Barbie dance and twirl to the music, turn the knob on the back of this 2006 Hallmark Keepsake..
2006 Barbie as Genevieve
Barbie stars as Princess Genevieve, one of twelve beautiful sisters. The princesses all love to sing..
2006 Barbie Fairytopia
Elina, a flower fairy without wings, and Bibble, a puffball who speaks in chirps and bloops, become ..
2006 Barbie Fashion Minis, Miniature
When Barbie doll dons the latest clothes, new trends catch on! From the runways of Paris to the glit..
2006 Barbie Fashion Pup  Ornament Set, Miniature
Who else but Barbie doll could pull off this fashion triumph? The purse, the shoes, and the sunglass..
2006 Barbie Shoe Tree Ornament
Always sassy, yet eternally classy, Barbie doll is known for owning an extensive collection of desig..
2006 Celebration Barbie #7 - Rare
The 2006 Holiday Barbie ® doll continues a well-loved tradition of festive glamour. With this ..
2006 Evening Splendor, Barbie #13
Wearing a slim golden and white brocade dress with a matching coat, Barbie doll is beautifully dress..
2006 Evening Splendor, Barbie (Brunette), Limited Quantity
Wearing a slim golden and white brocade dress with a matching coat, Barbie doll is beautifully dress..
2006 Perfect Evening Out, Barbie
A girl can really twirl in a swirly ensemble that's perfect for dancing. That's the idea behind this..
2006 Stolen Magic Barbie, Club
In luxurious lengths of satin, Stolen Magic Barbie has all that's needed for a breathtaking entra..
2007 Barbie as Rosella
Barbie as Rosella in Barbie as the Island Princess Perhaps there’s a Princess inside the hea..
2007 Barbie Dusk to Dawn
Barbie doll knows that any day is a perfect day for shopping—especially when there are so many ..
2007 Barbie Family Deluxe House
Welcome back to a stylish world where fashion ruled and hair was curled! A place where girls co..
2007 Barbie Family Deluxe House DB
Welcome back to a stylish world where fashion ruled and hair was curled! A place where girls ..
2007 Barbie Flower Ballerina
In the role of Flower Ballerina, Barbie doll pirouettes en pointe, calling to mind the inspiring ..
2007 Celebration Barbie #8
Barbie swirls into the season's festivities dressed in the most glamorous gown of the year. Continui..
2007 Continental Holiday Barbie
Artist: Patricia Andrews Size: 4½" H ..
2007 Joyeux Barbie, Club
From the Fashion Model collection. Made of porcelain. Barbie's dress has rhinestones on it. K..
2007 Little Black Dress, Barbie
Tasteful, timeless, and always just right - of course, it's the framed "little black dress," and ..
2007 Roman Holiday Barbie, Barbie #14
#14 in the Barbie Hallmark Ornament series. Artist: Patricia Andrews Size: 4¾" H ..
2007 Roman Holiday Barbie, Barbie #14 - DB
#14 in the Barbie Hallmark Ornament series. Artist: Patricia Andrews Size: 4¾" H ..
2007 Spa Day Barbie
Barbie is in for a day of pampering at the spa! Artist: Julie Forsythe Size: 3¼" H..
2008 Barbie #15 - Club Meeting
Barbie doll knows how to make a chic enterance - especially for a metting with the Club. This sop..
2008 Barbie as Eden Starling in A Christmas Carol
There's nothing like a classic tale to remind us what Christmas really means. And so, on a sparkl..
2008 Barbie as Liana
Barbie as Liana in Barbie & The Diamond Castle The Diamond Castle stands in a land of gr..
2008 Barbie Ballerina
Barbie is a vision of loveliness as the ballet begins and the crowd sighs with appreciation and d..
2008 Barbie Shoe Tree
Barbie loves shoes with a passion! And as Barbie knows, nothing gets you off on the right foot qu..
2008 Barbie Star Vette
Always on the cutting edge of fashion, Barbie is a real head turner while cruising in this brand-..
2008 Celebration Barbie #9
Celebration Barbie Ornament Special 2008 Edition Inspired by the Barbie Holiday Doll 9th..
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