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Barbie Hallmark Ornaments

Since 1993, Hallmark has been producing Barbie ornaments every year, starting with 1993 Holiday Barbie. They have produced a variety of different Barbie series ornaments, including Holiday Barbie, Celebrations barbie, Barbie (Nostalgia), Barbie Club Porcelain, Barbie Fashion Model Collection, Birthday Wishes Barbie, Children's Collection Barbie, Dolls of the World Barbie, Happy Holidays Barbie (Club Ornament Series), and Springtime Barbie. Hallmark has also produced many non-series and miniature Barbie ornaments as well. In 2012, Hallmark and Mattel did not renew their licensing agreement, and so there weren't any Barbie ornaments produced in 2013 and 2014 (although there is a set that was released in 2015 that filled in the gap left for 2013 and 2014 Holiday Barbie). However, in 2015, the very popular Barbie Hallmark ornament collection returned, and is back to being one of the most popular Hallmark ornament collector series.


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2008 Evening Gala Barbie, LIMITED QUANTITY
This 2008 Barbie ornament was originally offered at the 2008 October Ornament Debut as a Limited ..
2008 The Soiree Barbie Ornament, Club
Tonight classic glamour and sheer charisma create Hollywood magic as Soiree Barbie steps onto the..
2009 50 Years of Fabulous Barbie, RARE
This porcelain and fabric Hallmark Keepsake ornament Barbie celebrates fifty years of Barbie. ..
2009 50 Years of Fabulous Barbie, RARE DB
This porcelain and fabric Hallmark Keepsake ornament Barbie celebrates fifty years of Barbie. ..
2009 Barbie as Corinne, The Three Musketeers
In France, in a time of great romance and adventure, a country girl named Corinne dreams not of c..
2009 Barbie Ballerina
Every inch the prima ballerina, Barbie doll steps gracefully into the spotlight for a final curta..
2009 Barbie in the Spotlight
When BARBIE takes center stage, one thing is certain—there will be a lot of dazzling going o..
2009 Barbie Thumbelina
Thumbelina is a Twillerbee, one of the tiny people who live happily among the wildflowers. When s..
2009 Barbies Boyfriend Ken
The year 1961 brings many fond memories for Barbie doll. That's the year Barbie met ken. After be..
2009 Best In Show Barbie
Together Barbie and Tawny have trained for this day, spending long hours practicing jumps and per..
2009 Capucine, Barbie Club Ornament
A vision of sleek, luxurious perfection, Capucine Barbie doll radiates sophistication in a shimmerin..
2009 Celebration Barbie #10
Holidays are special days...fancy days...dazzling days—and Barbie doll has a long-standing trad..
2009 Celebration Barbie Af/Am
African-American Artist: Patricia Andrews Size: 4" H ..
2009 Country Club Dance, Barbie #16
Barbie doll makes a statement on the dance floor in this elegant gold-and-white-stripe cocktail d..
2009 Preferably Pink Barbie Doll
Preferably Pink Barbie Doll knows that it's important to dress for success—and nothing could be..
2009 Shoe-Sational Barbie
Barbie always knows how to make the right statement with her shoes! Artist: Edythe Kegrize Si..
2009 Teen Age Fashion Model Barbie
Fifty years ago, the world was first introduced to Barbie, the stylish "teen age fashion model" who ..
2010 Barbie A Fashion Fairytale, Magic
Barbie stars in the magical adventure Barbie A Fashion Fairytale. Barbie and her dog Sequin trave..
2010 Barbie A Fashion Fairytale, Magic DB
Barbie stars in the magical adventure Barbie A Fashion Fairytale. Barbie and her dog Sequin trave..
2010 Barbie and the Rockers, LIMITED QUANTITY
Star-studded and totally cool, Barbie delivers an awesome performance in the 1986 Barbie and the ..
2010 Barbie Prima in Pink
Artist: Patricia Andrews & Joanne Eschrich Size: 3¾" H ..
2010 Celebration Barbie #11
Barbie never goes out to a holiday party without going all out. For 2010, the festive fashionista mi..
2010 Friday Night Date Barbie, Barbie #17
Artist: Patricia Andrews Size: 4½" H..
2010 It's All About the Shoes, Barbie
A girl can never have too many shoes ... and no girl knows that better than Barbie! From pretty pe..
2010 Movie Mixer Barbie
Artist: Julie Forsyth Size: 4¼" H..
2010 Posh Pair, Barbie
When Barbie walks her dog, it's no casual affair. This picture-perfect pooch lover exudes style with..
2010 SuperStar Ken, Barbie
A fashion icon in his own right, Barbie's boyfriend - Ken. Artist: Anita Marra Rogers Size: ..
2010 The Siren Barbie Doll, Club Ornament
It's awards night, and The Siren Barbie doll is red-carpet ready ... but is the red carpet ready for..
2011 Barbie as Blair, Princess Charm School
Barbie as Blair in Barbie Princess Charm School. Barbie is wearing along, hot pink gown and ..
2011 Barbie Shoe-sational, Event, Colorway - RARE
This special edition, convention exclusive ornament is one of 500 issued and was only available a..
2011 Brunette Bubble Cut Barbie
Brunette Bubble Cut Barbie is displayed in an original "Barbie" box. Artist: Valerie Shanks Si..
2011 Campus Hero Ken
Campus Hero Ken is the perfect complement for Campus Sweetheart Barbie. Artist: Anita Marra Ro..
2011 Campus Sweetheart, Barbie #18
18th in the Barbie Hallmark Ornament series. Artist: Patricia Andrews Size: 4½" H ..
2011 Celebration Barbie #12
Barbie, as glamorous as ever, is dressed in a beautiful green gown with gold accents, and is read..
2011 Celebration Barbie AfAm
African-American Inspired by the Holiday Barbie Doll Special 2011 Edition. This 2011 Barb..
2011 Happy Birthday Ken, Barbie
Barbie is dressed and ready for the best birthday party Ken has ever had! Artist: Patricia Andrew..
2011 Lady of the Manor Barbie, Club Ornament
This 2011 Barbie™ club ornament is based on the 2006 Lady of the Manor from the Barbie™..
2011 Peaches N Cream Barbie, LIMITED QUANTITY
Isn't she as pretty as a peach blossom? This special edition ornament is made of porcelain and fa..
2011 Prima Ballerina, Barbie
This 2011 Hallmark ornament features Barbie Ballerina wearing a real tulle tutu, toe shoes, and a..
2011 Ravishing In Rouge, Barbie
With her magnificent high chignon and crimson Mary Jane pumps to go along with her black petticoat a..
2011 Rockin Barbie
Barbie is ready to rock with her pink guitar! Artist: NA Size: 2" x 4" x 1¼" ..
2011 Spotlight On Shoes, Barbie
Some more examples of Barbie's fabulous taste in foot-wear. Barbie and/or shoe enthusiests are bound..
2011 Tribute Barbie
The 2011 Tribute Barbie ornament commemorates the 10th anniversary of the Barbie Fashion Model Colle..
2012 Barbie The Princess & the Pop Star Barbie
This 2012 Hallmark Keepsake ornament features Barbie - princess or pop star? Your little diva won..
2012 Brava, Ballerina! Barbie
Gracefully posed in a pirouette, this 2012 Hallmark Barbie ornament will have you and your f..
2012 Celebration Barbie #13
13th and Final in the Celebration Barbie Hallmark ornament series. Transform your ..
2012 Celebration Barbie AfAm
Transform your Christmas season into an elegant affair. Barbie's crimson fabric and snow white ac..
2012 Matinee Fashion Barbie, Barbie #19
19th and Final in the Barbie Hallmark ornament series. Be fashionable no matter the time of ..
2012 Provençale Barbie® Doll Ornament
If glitz and glamour are your style, then Barbie® is your girl. Trim your Christmas tree this&nb..
2012 Quick Curl Barbie Beauty Center, Barbie
This Keepsake Ornament was one of four mystery ornaments "revealed" during October Ornament Debut..
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