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Christmas Window

Christmas Window

Christmas Window Hallmark Ornaments

The Christmas Window Hallmark Ornament Series is a Keepsake Ornament Club member exclusive series. Each ornament in the series shows a child looking into a local shop window during the Christmas season. On the back side of the ornament, each shop has been crafted with amazing detail that is sure to bring back some of those amazing holiday memories. These ornaments can easily be displayed on a table top or on a Christmas tree. The series started in 2003, and is still a very popular series with Keepsake Ornament Club members today.

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2003 Christmas Window #1, Club Ornament
Someone waited up for Santa but fell asleep, instead. Even all the animals can't wake up th..
2004 Christmas Window #2, Club Ornament
Second in the Hallmark Keepsake Ornament Club series, Christmas Windows. A little girl and h..
2005 Christmas Window #3, Club Ornament
Cold noses pressed against the glass, warm hearts so full of love, two little friends with on..
2006 Christmas Window #4, Club Ornament
When Santa Claus consults his list, he's certain to recall Which toy a special someone hopes to o..
2007 Christmas Window #5, Club Ornament
Two future train conductors peek through the Whistle Stop Train Shop window to pick out their favori..
2008 Christmas Window #6, Club Ornament
What's new at the book shop? This young reaser hopes there's a pile of new titles in stock, ..
2009 Christmas Window #7, Club Ornament
With shining eyes and chilly nose, this little shopper counts the rows of crunchy, chewy, cho..
2010 Christmas Window #8, Club Ornament
Fresh cookies and cupcakes, rich tortes and eclairs— every child in town “happens by..
2011 Christmas Window #9, Club Ornament
The 2011 Christmas Window shows a boy and his faithful dog, staring into the window of a Sporting Go..
2012 Christmas Window #10, Club Ornament
The 2012 Christmas Window shows a boy and his faithful dog, staring into the window of a Jangles hol..
2013 Christmas Windows #11, Club Ornament
#11 in the Christmas Windows Club series. The 2013 window features the Five and Dime store. ..
2014 Christmas Window #12, Club Ornament
A little girl and her kitten look into Nina's Nook to see yarn, paint, fabric. This ornament..
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