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Disney Hallmark Ornaments

Since 1994, Disney collectors and fans of all ages have anxiously anticipated the release of new Hallmark ornaments fashioned in the mold of their favorite movie characters. Whether you are a fan of Walt Disney classics, such as Cinderella, Pinocchio, or Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, or if you prefer the more recent films, such Cars, Finding Nemo, or Toy Story, Hallmark has sculpted an ornament that is sure to captivate your imagination and help bring your favorite Disney film to life.

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2005 Best Night of the Week, Disney, Magic
The Wonderful World of Disney Featuring Mickey and Minnie Mouse Mickey Mouse and Minnie, too..
2005 Bounce Practice, Winnie the Pooh
Tigger made a snowman Pooh to help perfect his pounce, the Whoop-de-Dooper, Loop-de-Looper, Ali-o..
2005 Bounce Practice, Winnie the Pooh - DB
Tigger made a snowman Pooh to help perfect his pounce, the Whoop-de-Dooper, Loop-de-Looper, Ali-o..
2005 Buzz Lightyear and RC Racer, Disneys Toy Story
Disney / Pixar - Toy Story This ornament is hard to find! Size: 3" W ..
2005 Chicken Little, Disney's Little Chicken
Just watch Chicken Little step up to the plate and prove that he’s quite a brave guy— ..
2005 Christmas with the Family, Disneys Lady and the Tramp
From Walt Disney's classic film, Lady and the Tramp. Size: 5" H Artist: N/A..
2005 Getting Ready for Christmas, Winnie the Pooh
This 2005 Hallmark Ornament features sound and movement. Eeyore rolls back and forth on his wago..
2005 Gift Exchange, Winnie the Pooh
This 2005 Hallmark Ornament has Pooh and Piglet preparing to exchange a gift ... I wonder what could..
2005 Holiday Headliner, Disney, Miniature
Mickey Mouse's head will shine and sparkle when he puts on a show like this! Disney A..
2005 Mighty Simba, Disney'€™s The Lion King
Simba just can't wait to be king! With a bushy mane made of leaves and a strikingly regal pose, t..
2005 Order Up, Goofy and Pluto, Disney
Pals Goofy and Pluto put on quite a show as the Malt Shoppe, where Goofy's the waiter. Drinks dr..
2005 Rainy Day Rescue, Winnie the Pooh #8
8th in the Winnie the Pooh Hallmark Ornament Series. The book opens and closes. Artist: N/A ..
2005 Royal Princesses, Disney, Miniature
This 2005 set of 4 miniature Hallmark ornaments features Disney Princesses - Ariel, Cinderella, Snow..
2005 Santas Helpers, Mickey and Pluto, Disney
When Santa gets "snowed under," he just calls on Mickey Mouse to go and help deliver a surp..
2005 Skating Lesson, Walt Disneys Bambi
From the classic Walt Disney film, Bambi. Featuring Bambi and Thumper. Size: 5" H Artist: N..
2005 Soda Shoppe Sweethearts, Disney
Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse at the soda fountain. Size: 3¾" H..
2005 Sorcerers Apprentice, Disney
Disney Fantasia Light string powered. Mickey's arms move. Brooms sway from side to side. Plays "S..
2005 Sorcerers Apprentice, Disney - DB
Disney Fantasia Light string powered. Mickey's arms move. Brooms sway from side to side. Play..
2005 Sweeeeet Friendship, Disney's Finding Nemo
Kindness so totally rocks! That’s what Marlin the clown fish learns in the 2003 underwater adve..
2005 Tinker Bell, Disneys Peter Pan
Who wouldn't believe in magic after meeting Tinker Bell and discovering the captivating world of Wal..
2005 True Patriot, Disneys Mickey Mouse
Who's glad that he's American and really wants to show it? Who loves this Land of Liberty and wan..
2005 Unlikely Friends, Pooh's Heffalump Movie
This 2005 Disney Hallmark Ornament features two very unlikely friends - a kangaroo and a heffalump. ..
2005 Wedding Day Dance, Disney's Cinderella, Magic
From the classic Disney film, Cinderella. This ornament has windup music and movement. It is..
2006 A Very Friendly Christmas Tree, Winnie the Pooh Collection
This Disney Keepsake Ornament was originally produced and released by Hallmark in 2006, and featu..
2006 Always a Princess, Disney, Swarovski
The perfect little crown that every princess dreams of! This 2006 Disney Princess ornament feat..
2006 Bathtime, Disneys Dumbo
This 2006 Disney Hallamrk Ornament commemorates the 65th Anniversary of the classic 1941 Walt Disn..
2006 Belle's Grand Entrance, Disney'€™s Beauty and the Beast
The gentleness inside the Beast was plain to see that day. Belle wondered how she misse..
2006 Buzz Lightyear, Disney Toy Story
From the Disney/Pixar film, Toy Story. To hear Buzz's laser, press the Laser Activation Device o..
2006 Cinderella's Slipper, Disney
This 2006 Hallmark Ornament is from the Disney classic, Cinderella. The glass slipper is disp..
2006 Cocoa for Two: Piglet and Pooh, Winnie the Pooh Collection
This Keepsake Ornament features Disney's Winnie the Pooh and Piglet, and was originally produced ..
2006 Disney Snowflake Miniatures
Whether she's a Princess or the sassy Tinker Bell, each Disney leading lady works her magic v..
2006 Dreaming of Christmas, Disney
2006 Disney Hallmark Ornament Mickey Mouse and Pluto fall asleep while waiting for Santa. ..
2006 Jumping for Joy, Mickey and Minnie, Disney
Mickey and Minnie jump for joy, Filled with holiday cheer— Their dance is so lively and fest..
2006 Lightning McQueen and Mater, Disney / Pixar'€™s Cars
Lightning McQueen is the hottest new thing on the road - €”just ask him! In the 2006 animated f..
2006 Lucy and the Wardrobe, Narnia
From The Chronicles of Narnia. Lucy enters the wardrobe Artist: N/A Size: 3½" H..
2006 Part of Your World, Disney'€™s The Little Mermaid
Breaking King Triton's stern command, Ariel swims to the surface and fixes her gaze on the shore,..
2006 Part of Your World, Disney'€™s The Little Mermaid - SDB
Breaking King Triton's stern command, Ariel swims to the surface and fixes her gaze on the shore,..
2006 Pirates of the Caribbean
Press the button to hear “A Pirate’s Life for Me” Battery-operated music Artis..
2006 Pooh’s Christmas List, Winnie the Pooh Collection
This Disney Keepsake Ornament features Winnie the Pooh and his honey jar. It was originally produ..
2006 Precocious Tink, Miniature
Tinker Bell from Walt Disney's Peter Pan. Tinker Bell sits with er arms crossed on top of a thimb..
2006 Princess Aurora and Prince Phillip
Press the button to see Aurora’s dress change colors, while the couple is seranaded with Tchaik..
2006 Princess Tower, Disney
The princesses are lovely with their sweet and gentle grace. Their beauty, charm, and kindness ..
2006 Ringing In Christmas, Mickey Mouse
This 2006 Disney Hallmark Ornament features Mickey Mouse dressed up in a Santa suit, ringing in Chri..
2006 Sing-Along Pals, Disney
Plays “We Wish You a Merry Christmas” Press the button on the base of the ornament to he..
2006 Sleigh Ride, Mickey and Minnie
This 2006 Disney Hallmark Ornament features Mickey, Minnie and Pluto. Artist: NA Size: 4¾" W..
2006 Sweet Smackerel, Disney's Winnie the Pooh
The bees are buzzing busily, but that won't stop Pooh Bear. “There's hunny for all of us ..
2006 Swooshing Through the Snow, Disney's Winnie the Pooh, Magic
There’s nothing like the thrills and chills Of riding a toboggan- Pooh and Tigger pick up spe..
2006 Tinker Bell, Disney's Peter Pan
If you're seeking adventure, excitement, and fun, my pixie dust magic is second to none! Just a..
2007 All Atwitter, Disneys Bambi
Thumper's heart is all atwitter, and his foot goes patter-pitter- with Miss Bunny, just one kiss ..
2007 Anyone Can Cook, Disney Pixar's Ratatouille
Remy, the "little chef" from the Disney/Pixar film, Ratatouille reads a recipe for Ratatouille from ..
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