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Mary's Angels

Mary's Angels

Mary’s Angels Ornaments

The Ornament Factory carries a large inventory of Hallmark Ornaments, including Mary’s Angels Hallmark series Christmas ornaments. Whether you want to decorate your tree, or send a gift to a loved one, these ornaments are the perfect option. We have a wide variety of Mary’s Angels to choose from, all of which are high-quality ornaments that come from one of Hallmark’s signature lines. You can order a single Mary’s Angels ornament or the entire collection, the choice is yours!

Browse our site to learn more about our current inventory. For more information, contact the team at the Ornament Factory.

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1988 Buttercup, Marys Angels #1
Mary Hamilton is one of Hallmark’s most beloved designers. Her artwork charms young and old ali..
1989 Bluebell, Marys Angels #2
Kneeling softly on her cloud, this little angel prays for gifts of love and happiness to wa..
1990 Rosebud, Marys Angels #3
This little angel’s candle glows So gently in the night, To light the way for all the love..
1991 Iris, Marys Angels #4
Sleeping sweetly on her cloud, this angel comes to you with gentle dreams of love and peace t..
1991 Iris, Marys Angels #4- DB
Sleeping sweetly on her cloud, this angel comes to you with gentle dreams of love and p..
1992 Lily, Marys Angels #5
Lily's found the perfect way To make it through the holiday. It'€™s really €œheavenly, ..
1993 Joy, Marys Angels #6
Floating on the clouds above, Reading Christmas tales of love, Little Joy comes your way With..
1994 Jasmine, Marys Angels #7
Jasmine hangs a little star Up in the sky above, It twinkles out a message That is full of Chr..
1995 Camellia, Marys Angels #8
Camellia sings so joyfully, With her small friend—a bird, Their two-part Christmas carol ..
1996 Violet, Marys Angels #9
Violet has closed her eyes, And Lambskin’s cuddled in her lap. They’ve played among t..
1997 Daisy, Marys Angels #10
Flowers all need watering, as everybody knows— And they all bloom With Christmas joy W..
1998 Daphne, Marys Angels #11
Eleventh in the Mary's Angel's Hallmark Ornament Series. This keepsake ornament features an angel..
1999 Heather, Marys Angels #12
The silent night is followed By a joyful Christmas morn, As we wake to angel voices Led by He..
2000 Marguerite, Marys Angels #13
Thirteenth in the Mary's Angels Hallmark Ornament series. This Hallmark Keepsake ornament featur..
2000 Marys Angels, Lighted
A unique ornament – Reflects the charming styling of beloved master artist Mary Hamilton, whose..
2001 Chrysantha, Marys Angels #14
Chrysantha strums her harp of gold And sweetly serenades The world with songs of joy and peace ..
2001 Marys Angels COLORWAY
This colorway (or repaint) of the 2001 Mary's Angel, Chrysantha, was presented as an attendance gift..
2002 Heavenly Carols, Marys Angels, Lighted
This Keepsake Ornament commemorates the Mary's Angels 15th Anniversary. The two angels are caroli..
2002 Marys Angels, COLORWAY, RARE
This Hallmark Keepsake Ornament is a colorway (or repaint) of the 2002 Mary's Angels ornament, Wi..
2002 Willow, Marys Angels #15
Willow is fifteenth in Mary's Angels Hallmark ornament series. He is holding a silver bell in eac..
2003 Sweet William, Mary's Angels #16
Sweet William and his furry friend have taken just a minute to give their thanks for Christmastime..
2004 Sweet Pea, Marys Angels #17
Sweet Pea, a blonde angel dressed in pink holding a white cat in her lap, is #17 in the popular Mary..
2005 Forsythia, Mary's Angels #18
Forsythia's holding a gift-wrapped box, but it isn't a doll or a toy. It's filled with her wishes..
2005 Marys Angels, COLORWAY
This Hallmarl Keepsake Ornament is a COLORWAY (or repaint) of the 2005 Mary's Angels ornament, Forsy..
2006  Angelica, Marys Angels, COLORWAY
2006 Hallmark Ornament Premiere Special Limited Quantity. This keepsake ornament is a colorw..
2006 Veronica, Marys Angels #19
Play the flute and join the chorus, Christmastime is here! Veronica loves to celebrate this festi..
2007 Snowball, Marys Angels #20
Snowball and a wintery friend take time out from their play to close their eyes and say a prayer ..
2008 Rosemary, Mary's Angels #21
Look at the stars, you'll see Rosemary there, Keeping a vigil on earth through the night, As ..
2009 China Rose, Mary's Angels #22
Sweet, celestial China Rose beams happily, because she knows her one small star, when polished br..
2010 Daffodil, Mary's Angels #23
When bedtime comes for Daffodil, she won't be counting sheep. She'll read a little story, then..
2011 Seeking The King, Mary's Angels, Club Ornament
This pair of porcelain shepherds, based on the Mary's Angels series, is the third set of ornament..
2011 Viola, Mary's Angels #24
Viola, a little blonde angle wearing a purple robe, who loves playing the violin, joins the Mary'..
2012 Heavenly Harmony, Mary's Angels - Early Sell Out
Bring the sounds of a heavenly choir to your tabletop. Press an angel to hear a beautiful solo, o..
2012 Sterling Rose, Mary's Angels #25
25th in the Mary's Angels Hallmark ornament series. Add the quiet presence of this sweet lit..
2013 Poinsettia, Mary's Angels #26
26th in the Mary's Angels Hallmark ornament series Whether you collect Mary's Angels or are ..
2014 Dahlia, Marys Angels #27
  27th in the Mary's Angels series Drawing a rainbow, this angel is wearing an orang..
2015 Holly, Mary's Angels #28
28th in the Mary's Angels series The 28th ornament in the Mary's Angel series is s..
2015 Let It Shine, Mary's Angels, Magic
This 2015 Hallmark Keepsake Ornament is a Hallmark Gold Crown Exclusive. Press button on orn..
2016 Halloween - Sweet Trick-or-Treater, Mary's Angel
This Mary's Angel themed Halloween Hallmark ornament has a Trick or Treater wearing a cat costume pe..
2016 Mary's Angel Surprise
This 2016 Hallmark Keepsake Ornament is a Hallmark Gold Crown Exclusive. The very firs..
2016 Zinnia, Mary's Angels #29
29th in the Mary's Angels series. Designed by Mary Hamilton. Artist: Robert Cha..
2017 Honeysuckle, Marys Angels #30
30th in the Mary's Angels Series. Designed by Mary Hamilton. Artist: Anita Roge..
2017 Mary's Angels - 30th Anniversary - AVAIL DEC
Designed by Mary Hamilton. Porcelain. Artist: Robert Chad Size: 1.64" x 3...
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