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Peanuts Characters: Charlie Brown Christmas Ornaments

The Peanuts have been a staple of Christmas celebrations across the country for decades, and now you can bring these timeless characters into your home for the holidays. Whether you have a fake tree, a live pine, or Charlie Brown’s tree, we have the perfect décor. The Ornament Factory is happy to introduce our selection of the Charlie Brown and Peanuts series Hallmark Christmas ornaments. This Hallmark series includes something for everyone, whether you are a fan of Snoopy, Charlie, Linus, or the whole gang.

If you would like to learn more about any of these ornaments click on our product pages to view additional details and images. If you would like more information about our Hallmark Peanuts collection, or if you have questions about any of our other products, contact the team at the Ornament Factory today!

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2002 Winter Fun with Snoopy #5, Miniature, Peanuts
Snoopy and Woodstock don't mind if it snows... they’re enjoying themselves their heads to t..
2003 Holiday Advice Booth, Lucy, Peanuts
Are you suffering from Baking Burnout? Gift List Confusion? Mistletoe Phobia? Never fear. Lucy van P..
2003 Joy to the Birds, PEANUTS Miniature
Woodstock wants everyone to sing his favorite carol. He requests “Joy to the Birds!” on on..
2003 Spotlight on Snoopy #6 - Joe Cool, PEANUTS
No one tops Joe Cool for style. He'€™s hip. He'€™s debonair€” And you must admit ..
2003 The Amazing Little Tree, PEANUTS
Plays “O Tannenbaum” (“O Christmas Tree”) The holidays wouldn’t be the s..
2003 Winter Fun With Snoopy #6, Miniature, Peanuts
Snoopy thinks he's found a way to look just like an eagle. He'll make a pair of snowy wingsâ€..
2003 World Famous Christmas Decorator, PEANUTS Snoopy
Snoopy won his first award for Christmas decorating in 1965, €”the same year A Charlie Brown Ch..
2004 Its the Easter Beagle, Peanuts
The Easter Beagle's coming, and he's heading straight this way to add some EGGS-tra color to this..
2004 Little Bunny Hug, Peanuts
This 2004 Spring Hallmark Ornament features Woodstock holding his little, white bunny. Size: 2 1/..
2004 Love to Dance, Peanuts
Whenever I hear that piano, I can't help but jump at the chance, to cut loose and move to Schr..
2004 Merry Christmas, Snoopy!, Peanuts
Snoopy wrote to Santa Claus to ask for something nice. “I’ve been so good,” the le..
2004 New Friend, Peanuts
The facts are quite simple - they can't be refuted! Snoopy's new friend just can't be out-cuted! ..
2004 Peanuts Games, Set of 4 Ornaments
It’s one for all and all for one! This Peanuts team knows sports are fun! Running, swimming,..
2004 Spotlight on Snoopy #7 - The Winning Ticket, PEANUTS
Snoopy'€™s on the campaign trail, his heart is filled with pride. He's sure to win a ..
2004 Winter Fun With Snoopy #7, Peanuts, Miniature
One can reach and one can fly, which helps to lift the star up high, and even more these good pals k..
2005 A Charlie Brown Christmas, Peanuts, Musical Snow Globe
The Peanuts Gang - Snow globe Battery operated lights and music. Plays "O Tannenbaum" ..
2005 Crack the Whip!, Peanuts
Snoopy's got the gang in tow – he wants to "Crack the whip!" Good grief, he's got 'em zoo..
2005 Joyful Garden, Peanuts
Little Woodstock seems to know what makes the joy of springtime grow— He knows that love and..
2005 Peanuts Christmas Pageant, Magic, Club - RARE
The PEANUTS group has been rehearsing for days - and is now ready to take the stage for their Chr..
2005 Peanuts Christmas Pageant, Magic, Club - RARE - DB
The PEANUTS group has been rehearsing for days - and is now ready to take the stage for their Chr..
2005 Santa Beagle and Friends, PEANUTS
Snoopy's had to improvise to fly his doghouse "sleigh" – But thanks to all his "reindeer" f..
2005 Spotlight on Snoopy #8 - Snoopy the Magnificent, PEANUTS
Snoopy the Magnificent knows magical tradition— the rabbit in the hat's the trick ..
2005 Springtime Inspirations, Snoopy, Peanuts
Artist: N/A Size: 1 1/2" W x 2 3/4" H ..
2005 Touchdown Snoopy, The Peanuts Gang
Football is the favorite game for sunny days in fall, But trouble dogs the home team when the bea..
2005 Winter Fun with Snoopy #8, Miniature, PEANUTS
Snoopy’s in charge, and it’s full speed ahead. And Woodstock? Why, he’s hanging..
2006 Charlie Brown Christmas Tree, PEANUTS, Club Ornament, Magic
Featuring Light and Sound Magic! When he picked out that tiny, rather humble little tree, ..
2006 Charlie Brown, Its The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown, PEANUTS
Charlie Brown tries To snip eyes in his costume But his cutting is really offtrack! And to ..
2006 Deck the Halls Charlie Brown, PEANUTS, Magic
Plays "€œDeck the Halls"€ Snoopy and Sally are decking the tree, and Woodstock on top..
2006 Happiness Is ..., PEANUTS
Linus knows that hapiness is always guaranteed - A trusty blanket shared with friends is all you re..
2006 Joe Coolest, PEANUTS
The snow's just right for rolling - not too powdery or wet. It's time to go outside and build the gr..
2006 Legal Beagle, Spotlight on Snoopy #9
His writs are rightly written! His arguments, profound! His litigation skills are legendary! The ..
2006 Linus and the Great Pumpkin Patch, Display Base with Linus Ornament
Celebrating the 40th Anniversary of It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown Includes a display ..
2006 Lucy, Its The Great Pumpkin
This Halloween ornament helps celebrate the 40th Anniversary of It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Br..
2006 Merry Christmas, Charlie Brown, Peanuts
Rooftops decked in colored lights, snowflakes drifting down, loved ones gathered near you... Me..
2006 Peanuts Christmas Pageant, Miniature
With Charlie Brown and friends on stage, who knows how things will go? Will Sally drop the frank..
2006 Snoopy, Its the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown
Snoopy's dressed up as a World War I hero. But the Red Baron shoots his plane down. Behind ..
2006 Thats What Christmas Is About Charlie Brown, PEANUTS, Magic
The Peanuts Gang Linus walked to center stage, dragging his blanket. "Lights, please?" he said...
2006 Winter Fun With Snoopy #9, Miniature, PEANUTS
When these two friends go fishing, a candy cane works great - They're hoping they can catch the ..
2007 Beagle Scouts Campfire, Peanuts
Snoopy, Woodstock and all their friends are sitting around the campfire roasting marshmallows. Op..
2007 Ringing In Christmas, Peanuts, Magic
This 2007 Hallmark Keepsake Ornamanet features sound and motion. Wind the key on the back of thi..
2007 Spotlight on Snoopy #10 - Spaceman Snoopy
Spaceman Snoopy's landed! His exciting mission is done. It's one small step for beagle-..
2007 Sunday Funnies, Peanuts
Who doesn't love to just sit back, relax, and chuckle at the "funnies"? And no comic strip has broug..
2007 To A Job Well Done, Peanuts
Hanging up the Christmas lights is always lots of fun. Hot cocoa is the perfect way to toast a jo..
2007 What Christmas Is All About, PEANUTS, Magic - RARE
The holidays wouldn't be the same without A Charlie Brown Christmas. Since its premiere Dec. 9, 1..
2007 Winter Fun With Snoopy #10, Peanuts, Miniature
Christmas cards are fun to get – they're also fun to send! Snoopy gets a special card fro..
2007 Winter Sports, The Peanuts Gang, Miniature
For Snoopy and friends, it's that time of year For getting decked out in their winter sport..
2008 Beagle Scout Day Out, Peanuts
This 2008 Hallmark Keepsake Ornament features scout master Snoopy, Woodstock, and all his litt..
2008 Christmas Hugs, PEANUTS, Club Ornament
Hearts grow lighter, Spirits brighter, Smiles seem warmer, Hugs feel tighter; It'€™s Ch..
2008 Full Of Christmas Spirit, Peanuts, Miniature
While Woodstock and friends (almost) make an elf, Snoopy's enjoying his reindeer self! And ..
2008 Home Sweet Home, The PEANUTS Gang
Snoopy is lovin' it makes such a Chistmasy sight. When Woodstock drops in for a ho..
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