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Star Wars

Star Wars

Star Wars Hallmark Ornaments

Since 1996, both Hallmark and Star Wars collectors anxiously await the release of the new Star Wars Hallmark ornaments. Always some of the most anticipated ornaments released annually, Star Wars Hallmark ornaments are usually some of the first ornaments you see collectors buying during the ornament premiere every season  Beginning with the first Star Wars ornament, the 1996 Millennium Falcon, Hallmark has intrigued collectors with Star Wars ornaments that feature either light and/or sound, which is one of the reasons this series has been so popular with a wide variety of collectors. Although there are usually several Star Wars ornaments released every year, there is an official series that began in 1997, starting with the son of "the chosen one", young Jedi in training, Luke Skywalker.

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2017 Star Wars: The Last Jedi Rey
  Artist: Kristina Gaughran Size: 3.87" x 3.87" x 2" This ornament wa..
2017 Stormtrooper - Peekbuster Star Wars, Magic
Motion-Activated Sound. Hang the ornament near the gifts, and turn it on. When it senses move..
2017 T-70 X-Wing Fighter, Star Wars - SDCC, RARE
This 2017 SDCC exclusive Keepsake Ornament features Poe Dameron’s starfighter as depicted in th..
2017 X-Wing Starfighter - Star Wars Collection, Magic
Storytellers. Interactive Light and Sound. Connect this ornament to Hallmark's Keepsake Power..
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