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1999 1932 Chevrolet Standard Sports Roadster, Vintage Roadsters #2
Second in the Vintage Roadsters Hallmark ornament series. The wheels turn. Made of die-ca..
1999 1937 Steelcraft Airflow, Miniature Kiddie Car Luxury Edition #2, Miniature
Made of Die-Cast Metal Second in the Miniature Kiddie Car Luxury Edition Series Artist:..
1999 1939 Garton Ford, Kiddie Car Classics, Club Ornament
This 1999 Keepsake Collectors Club ornament is a compliment to the Kiddie Car Classics Hallmark orna..
1999 1949 Cadillac Coupe deVille, Classic American Cars Compleme
When the Cadillac Coupe deVille debuted in 1949, it was voted Motor Trend magazine's first "Car o..
1999 1950 Garton Delivery Cycle, Sidewalk Cruisers #3
Third in the Sidewalk Cruisers series. Made of Die-Cast Metal. The Wheels Turn. Edit..
1999 1955 Chevrolet Nomad Wagon, Classic American Cars #9
The fifty-five Nomad With its new V-8 Sported style from its hood To its sloped-back rear g..
1999 1955 Murray Tractor and Trailer, Miniature Kiddie Car Classics #5
This Keepsake Ornament was originally produced and released by Hallmark in 1999. 5th in the M..
1999 1957 Dodge Sweptside D100, All-American Trucks #5
Coming or going or viewed from the side, there's no mistaking the Sweptside! It's "Forward Design" m..
1999 1968 Murray Jolly Roger Flagship, Kiddie Car Classic #6
Sixth in the Kiddie Car Classic series. The ornament is made of die-cast metal. The whe..
1999 40th Anniversary Barbie
Barbie turned 40 in 1999 and looks ravishing in this black and white long gown. This Hallmark Orn..
1999 A Kiss for You, Hershey’s
Set of 3 miniature figurines (the base, and two mice) Hershey’s Artist: Katr..
1999 A Pony for Christmas Colorway - RARE
This is a repaint, or colorway, of the 1999 Pony for Christmas ornament. This version of the orna..
1999 A Time of Peace
This Keepsake Ornament was originally produced and released by Hallmark in 1999. Artist: ..
1999 A Wish for Peace
Blue, white and gold laser cut 3 kings.   This Keepsake Ornament was originally prod..
1999 Adding the Best Part
A Mouse is decorating a tree adding a heart to the center.    This Keepsake Orn..
1999 All Sooted Up
The 1999 Hallmark Keepsake Christmas Ornament "All Sooted Up" features a brown bear in a black top h..
1999 Angel of Hope
This 1999 Hallmark ornament is made iof fine porcelain, and was exclusively available in the United ..
1999 Angel of The Nativity, Madame Alexander Holiday Angels #2
Second in the Madame Alexander Holiday Angels Hallmark Ornament Series. The 1999 Madame Alexander..
1999 Anniversary Eddition
Set of 2 miniature figurines Artist: Tammy Haddix   ..
1999 Antique Tractors #3
3rd in the Antique Tractors miniature ornament series.   This miniature Keepsake Orn..
1999 Arctic Artist, Club
Size: 2 1/2" H Artist: Tammy Haddix..
1999 Baby Mickey's Sweet Dreams, Mickey & Co, Disney
Baby Mickey is curled up with his green blanket sounds asleep with a sleeping moon. This Hallmark..
1999 Baby’s First Christmas
A little bear on a train with a 1 that says "Baby's 1st Christmas."   This Keepsake ..
1999 Baby’s Second Christmas
This Keepsake Ornament was originally produced and released by Hallmark in 1999. Artist: ..
1999 Balthasar - The Magi, Blessed Nativity Collection
Displaying a cherished creche, or Nativity scene, is one of the loveliest traditions of the Christma..
1999 Barbie Dream House
Barbie has a pink home with blue accents. It has a Victorian flavor along with a balcony on the s..
1999 Barbie Lunchbox
Who didn’t want to carry a lunchbox to school? This lunchbox commemorates Barbie’s 40th anniv..
1999 Barbie Travel Case & Barbie,  Miniature
This Hallmark Ornament is a two piece miniature set that is a replica of the 1961 Mattel toys. Ba..
1999 Batter Up, Charlie Brown and Snoopy, Peanuts
Set of Two Peanuts Hallmark Ornaments. Size: Charie Brown: 2 1/2" H, Snoopy: 1 1/2" H Artist..
1999 Beatrix Potter - 4thTom Kitten, Beatrix Potter #4
A kitten holding a butterfly, fourth in the Beatrix Potter collection.    Editi..
1999 Best Pals
This Keepsake Ornament was originally produced and released by Hallmark in 1999.   San..
1999 Betsey’s Perfect 10, Miniature
Betsey Clark Artist: Kristina Kline Miniature ..
1999 Bill Elliott, Stock Car Champions
“All I ever wanted to do was race,” says Bill Elliott, who began by driving Georgia sho..
1999 Blown Glass USS Enterprise, Star Trek, VERY RARE
A crown reflections blown glass ornament! On one side, this ornament features the original U..
1999 Caspar - The Magi
From the Blessed Nativity Collection. This ornament was offered in 1999 and 2000. Made ..
1999 Celestial Kitty, Miniature
This miniature Keepsake Ornament was originally produced and released by Hallmark in 1999. ..
1999 Chewbacca, Star Wars
This 1999 Star Wars ornament features Chewbacca, the loyal friend of Han Solo and co-pilot of the Mi..
1999 Child of Wonder, Jesus
This 1999 Hallmark Keepsake Ornament features a special lighting effect that you can enjoy by clippi..
1999 Child’s Third Christmas
A bear is holding a stocking that says, "My 3rd Christmas," and there is a bell shaped cookie han..
1999 Christmas in Bloom
Red and white laser cut bouquet.   This Keepsake Ornament was originally produced an..
1999 Christmas Story
This 1999 Keepsake ornament opens to reveal the Holy Family hidden inside. Size: 4" H Artist: ..
1999 Cinderella Barbie, Children's Collection Barbie #3
Barbie as Cinderella in this Hallmark Keepsake Ornament. Barbie is wearing a blue floor length go..
1999 Classic Batman and Robin, Miniature
Make way for Gotham City's favorite crime fighters! The Dynamic Duo has been a team since 1940. B..
1999 Clauses on Vacation #3
Third and FINAL in The Clauses in Vacation Hallmark Ornament Series Size: 2 1/2" H Artist: Bob..
1999 Clownin’ Around, Crayola
Crayola Crayon Hallmark Ornament A clown on a unicycle. Artist: Sue Tague Size:..
1999 Cocoa Break, Hershey
This 1999 Hallmark Keepsake ornament features a penguin taking a Cocoa Break, with him adding a litt..
1999 Colonial Church, Candlelight Services #2
Since colonial days, New England families and their neighbors have been gathering to celebrate Ch..
1999 Cross of Faith
A decorative cross.    Edition Size 39500 Artist: LaDene Votruba S..
1999 Cross of Hope
Made of fine pewter with lead crystal. The sentiment on the ornament reads: "His Star Still Shine..
1999 Crystal Claus, Miniature
Precious Edition Miniature Santa is silver plated on top of a red crystal. Artist: LaDene V..
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