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2004 100 Acre Express, Winnie the Pooh, Magic
 magic Hallmark Keepsake Ornament depicts Conductor Winnie the Pooh carrying Tigger and Pigl..
2004 1929 Chevrolet Fire Engine, Miniature Fire Brigade #1
1929 Chevrolet Fire Engine First in the Miniature Fire Engine Hallmark Ornament Series. This ..
2004 1933 Flathead Model VLD, Harley-Davidson Mini
Advancing the idea that motorcycles were more than just transportation-they were for fun and sport a..
2004 1935 Timmy Racer, Kiddie Car Classic #11
#11 in the Kiddie Car Classics Hallmark Ornament Series. This 2004 Hallmark Keepsake is made of d..
2004 1949 Gillham Sport, Miniature Kiddie Car Classics #10
10th in the miniature Kiddie Car Classics Hallmark ornament series. Die-cast metal. The w..
2004 1966 Oldsmobile Toronado, Classic American Cars #14
Fourteenth in the Series Luxury lovers got major kicks From the new Toronado in €™66 W..
2004 2000 Ford F-150, All-American Trucks #10
“Rides like a car…works like a truck.” No wonder truck buyers have made the F-150 hal..
2004 2002 VRSCA V-Rod, Harley Davidson #6
Blistering performance and hot rod style combine in a radical VRSCA V-Rod, introduced as the firs..
2004 2002 VRSCA V-Rod, Harley Davidson #6 - DB
Blistering performance and hot rod style combine in a radical VRSCA V-Rod, introduced as the firs..
2004 A Pony  for Christmas #7, COLORWAY
Colorway (or repaint) of the 2004 Pony for Christmas ornament Regester to win Hallmark Ornam..
2004 A Pony For Christmas #7
With a swish of his tail and a click of his hooves and the sweetest of sweet little neighs, Thi..
2004 A Sticky Situation, Winnie the Pooh #7
A Sticky Situation is the seventh book ornament in the series. This Hallmark Keepsake Ornament sh..
2004 Adding the Right Touch, Barbie, Miniature
Smart accessories add pizzazz to every Barbie doll ensemble. This fashionable set of ornaments featu..
2004 Adding the Right Touch, Barbie, Miniature - DB
Smart accessories add pizzazz to every Barbie doll ensemble. This fashionable set of ornaments featu..
2004 Adoption 2004
An adult bear and an adopted cub read a book titled "Our Family" and "2004"   Artis..
2004 Affection for Confections, Disney
This Hallmark Keepsake Ornament is a two piece set taht depicts Minnie and Mckey making Christmas..
2004 Afternoon Tea #2, Miniature
Die-cast metal. The lid opens. 2nd in the afternoon tea miniature Hallmark ornament serie..
2004 Amazing No. 53, Disney's Herbie the Love Bug
This Hallmark Keepsake Ornament is a white Volkswagon Bettle with number 53 on each door. The car..
2004 American LaFrance 700 Series Pumper, Fire Brigade #2
In the early 1900s when American LaFrance was formed, pumpers were still being powered by steam and ..
2004 American LaFrance 700 Series Pumper, Fire Brigade COLORWAY
This is a colorway (or repaint) of the 2004 Fire Brigade Hallmark ornament. The fire truck is painte..
2004 Amigos Por Siempre
Texto en el ornamento: "Seremos amigos por siempre, Pooh, no?" pregunto' Piglet. "Aun ma's," cont..
2004 Amy March, Madame Alexander Little Women #4
Charming Amy, the youngest of the four March sisters in Louisa May Alcott's classic, "Little Wome..
2004 Anakin Skywalker, Star Wars
This ornament is EXTREMELY RARE! A standout in the Jedi Temple in his untraditional dark garments..
2004 Antique Tractors #8, Miniature
8th in the miniature Antique Tractors series. Die-cast metal and handcrafted. Front wheel..
2004 Anything For a Friend, Penguin Friends
The penguin that gave up his hat and coat shivers when you wind it up! Artist: Kristina K..
2004 Ariel, Disneys The Little Mermaid
"Under the Sea" is Ariel sitting on a shell and looking very comfortale holding a pearl. This Hal..
2004 Baby's First Christmas, Winnie the Pooh Collection
2004 Baby's First Christmas Winnie the Pooh Collection. Piglet has stacked some blocks th..
2004 Bambi and Friends, Disney
Bambi and Friends gather around a pond and see their reflections in the water. Bambi, Thumper, Fl..
2004 Barber Shop & Beauty Shop, Nostalgic Houses & Shop #21
Barber Shop & Beauty Shop #21 in the Nostalgic Houses and Shops Hallmark Ornament Series..
2004 Barbie 45th Anniversary, Lighted
A fabulous tribute to 45 years of beauty, style, and glamour, this elegant black gown is accented by..
2004 Barbie as the Princess and the Pauper
Long ago and far away, two baby girls were born in the same kingdom - one in the palace and one i..
2004 Barbie Lisette
Entrance-making made easy in a full-skirted mint green satin ball gown accented with dashes of black..
2004 Barbie Peppermint Candy Cane
A beautiful ballerina inspired by the peppermint candy cane in the beloved ballet The Nutcracker, Ba..
2004 Barbie Shoe Tree
This Hallmark Keepsake ornament, Barbie Shoe Tree Ornament, is part of Barbie's 45th Anniversary Col..
2004 Barbie, Club
Billions of Dreams Barbie This 2004 Hallmark Keepsake Ornament Collector's Club ornament was excl..
2004 Barry Bonds, At the Ballpark #9
#9 in the At the Ballpark series! Size: 5" H Artist: Dill Rhodus ..
2004 Bateson, the Butler, Halloween
This Keepsake Ornament was originally produced and released by Hallmark in 2004. Artist: ..
2004 Building a Snowman, Winter Wonderland #3
When the world is aglitter in sparkly white, When the air is all frosty and you're bundled up ..
2004 Buzz Lightyear and the Claw, Disneys Toy Story
Buzz Lightyear finds himself in a precarious situation in this Hallmark Keepsake Ornament which w..
2004 Candy Cane Trio, Winnie the Pooh Collection
A set of three miniature Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments has Pooh, Tigger, and Piglet holding candy c..
2004 Caped Crusader, Batman
This 2004 Hallmark Ornament features Gotham City's one and only Caped Crusader, Batman. To see Ba..
2004 Carousel Ride #1, Majestic Lion
Remember the magic of the carousel-racing to be the first to reach your favorite animal, then riding..
2004 Carousel Ride Display (with 2 horse ornaments)
The Carousel Ride Display was originally offered in both 2004 and 2005. This magic display features ..
2004 Celebration Barbie #5
For over a decade, Barbie doll has celebrated the holiday season with a beautiful fashion commemo..
2004 Celebration Barbie, Special 2004 Edition, Af-Am
African-American Celebration Barbie For over a decade, Barbie doll has celebrated the holiday..
2004 Charming Hearts #2, Miniature
Metal. Opens to reveal a tiny heart inside. Artist: Dill Rhodus Miniature ..
2004 Chewbacca and C-3PO, Star Wars #8
#8 in the Star Wars Hallmark Ornament Series! Protocol droid C-3PO is blasted into pieces by..
2004 Chicky's Bouncing Daisies
Made of porcelain Artist: N/A Size: 2" H..
2004 Childs Fifth Christmas - Boy, Child's Age
This 2004 Hallmark Keepsake features a puppy with a blue scarf riding his scooter. My Fifth Chris..
2004 Childs Fifth Christmas - Girl, Child's Age
This 2004 Hallmark Ornament features a kitten with a scarf on roller skates wearing a purple sweater..
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