1991 Starship Enterprise, Star Trek - RARE - DB
1991 Starship Enterprise, Star Trek - SDB

1991 Starship Enterprise, Star Trek - RARE - DB

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1991 Starship Enterprise, Star Trek - RARE - DB

1991 Hallmark Star Trek Ornament


The crown jewel of most Hallmark ornament collections, as well as many Star Trek collections, the 1991 Starship Enterprise is one of the most sought after Hallmark Keepsake ornaments ever produced. Modeled after the U.S.S. Enterprise from the 1960s hit television show, Star Trek, this keepsake ornament features red and green flashing lights and a bridge light that glows. The timing of the release of this ornament helped to commemorate the twenty fifth anniversary of the original Star Trek television series. When this famous starship was released by Hallmark in 1991, it was the hit of the season, and impossible to locate by most avid Star Trek fans as Hallmark stores across the country sold out almost instantly, making it a highly sought after ornament by Hallmark ornament and Star Trek collectors alike.

You can plug this ornament into any miniature light bulb socket on a standard miniature Christmas tree light string, or plug it into the Hallmark Legacy Cord (sold separately).


Artist: Lynn Norton

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