1995 Romulan Warbird, Star Trek - DB
1995 Romulan Warbird, Star Trek - DB

1995 Romulan Warbird, Star Trek - DB

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1995 Romulan Warbird, Star Trek - DB

1995 Hallmark Star Trek Ornament


"We ... are back!"

These were the words of the Romulan Commander to Captain Picard and the crew of the USS Enterprise D when they first encounted a Romulan Warbird on the hit tv series "Star Trek: The Next Generation." Make no mistake about it, the Romulans are not looking for peace - but they would like a place on your tree this holiday season. This 1995 Hallmark ornament is a very detailed replica of the Romulan Warbird starship, featuring the eerie  green glow of their warp nacels. You might want to hang an Enterprise ornament near by - just in case the Romulans should happen to try and take over your holiday tree this year.

You can plug this ornament into any miniature light bulb socket on a standard miniature Christmas tree light string, or plug it into the Hallmark Legacy Cord (sold separately).

Artist: Lynn Norton

Size: 5 1/2" L x 4" W




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