2000 G.I. Joe Action Pilot
2000 G.I. Joe Action Pilot

2000 G.I. Joe Action Pilot

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G.I. Joeâ?? the first real action figure you could identify withâ??joined the space program in 1967. This Keepsake Ornament shows the Action Pilot outfitted with essential items from the original set: a space suit with flag insignia, dog tags, helmet, space boots, space gloves, chest pack, and tether cord. G.I. Joe even has a space camera!

To see the astronaut at work in space, suspend this ornament from a branch on your tree or from a mantel or bookshelf. Look closely and youâ??ll find an authenticating mark: a slight scar on the face.

The visor on the front of the helmet moves up and down.

Size: 4 1/2" H

Artist: Ken Crow
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