2001 Barbie Angel Ornament DB
2001 Barbie Angel Ornament

2001 Barbie Angel Ornament DB

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2001 Barbie Angel Ornament DB

2001 Hallmark Barbie Ornament


Graceful, serene, and lovelier than ever, BARBIE Angel releases the dove that represents the hope of the world. In this beautifully symbolic design, BARBIE brings peace and calm wherever she is displayed-not only during the holidays but throughout the year. Her delicately sculpted wings and heavenly blue gown with a lacy tulle overskirt combine to convey the impression that BARBIE, as well as the dove, is suspended in flight.

This set of Keepsake Ornaments is a gentle invitation to pause and discover that space in your heart and mind where all is right with the world.

Set of two ornaments

Size: Barbie: 2 1/4" H, Dove: 1/2" H

Artist: Anita Marra Rogers

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