2001 R2-D2, Star Wars #5
2001 R2-D2, Star Wars #5

2001 R2-D2, Star Wars #5

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2001 R2-D2, Star Wars #5

2001 Hallmark Star Wars Ornament


#5 in the Star Wars Hallmark Ornament Series!

This ornament is VERY rare!

Featuring Sound!

Feisty and outspoken, astromech droid R2-D2 repeatedly proves his value to the Rebel Alliance in the Star Wars space adventures. Artoo conveys Princess Leia's desperate holographic plea for help to Obi-Wan Kenobi...conceals secret plans of the Galactic Empire's dreaded Death Star...even carries Luke Skywalker's lightsaber for safekeeping.

The brave, little, barrel-shaped droid communicates in a unique language of electronic chirps, beeps, and whistles. To hear R2-D2 speak, press and release the lens on the top of his head.

Battery Operated. Requires 2 LR43 batteries.

Sculpted by Kristina Kline.

Size: 2 1/2" H  


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