2002 Delta Flyer, Star Trek
2002 Delta Flyer, Star Trek

2002 Delta Flyer, Star Trek

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2002 Delta Flyer, Star Trek

2002 Hallmark Star Trek Ornament


Featuring Light and Voice!

A unique ornament! The Delta Flyer was originally intended as a space-faring "hot rod" by a crew member known for his keen interest in 20th-century automobiles. Later, as numerous crew members collaborated on design and construction, their diverse backgrounds were reflected in the technologically advanced shuttlecraft.

This Keepsake Ornament adds a bit of magic to your holidays with its red and blue lights - and a message from the captian of the U.S.S. Voyager:

"This is Captain Janeway of the Federation Vessel Delta Flyer. We are on a mission of peaceful exploration."

To hear Captian Janeway's message, press the sound button located beneath the front of the ship. The message will play through one time and stop automatically.

Size: 1 1/4" H x 4 3/4" W

Artist: Lynn Norton

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