2005 Khan, Star Trek - DB
2005 Khan, Star Trek - DB

2005 Khan, Star Trek - DB

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2005 Khan, Star Trek - DB

2005 Hallmark Star Trek Ornament


Khan Noonien Singh
Born: India, Earth
Genetically engineered superhuman, late 20th century

Introduced during the 1967 season of the STAR TREK television series, Khan was one of the show;s most notorious villians. Overthrown during Earth's Eugenic Wars, he and his followers escaped in a hastily launched sleeper vessel and drifted in space for more than a century before being discovered by the ENTERPRISE. True to his nature, he plotted to take control of the ENTERPRISE, but was thwarted by Kirk and crew and exiled to the planet Ceti Alpha V.

Size: 5?" H

Artist: Anita Marra Rogers



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