2005 LA at Last, I Love Lucy - DB
2005 LA at Last, I Love Lucy

2005 LA at Last, I Love Lucy - DB

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In "L.A. at Last!" which aired in 1955, Lucy, Ethel, and Fred look for movie stars at the Brown Derby and find themselves seated next to William Holden's booth. Lucy's shameless gawking inspired Holden to turn the tables and stare right back at the starstruck redhead! Flustered, Lucy accidentally causes the star to get splattered with food as she leaves. That afternoon, Ricky announces that Bill Holden has stopped by to meet Lucy. She dons oversized glasses, a kerchief, and a putty nose which keeps changing shape. Her explanation? "This California sun sure makes your skin soft!" When Lucy's fake nose catches fire, she douses the flame by poking her nose in a coffee cup. After she reveals herself by taking the nose off, she kisses Bill Holden and the famous episode comes to an end.

Size: 4½" H

Artist: Rudy Garcia
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