2006 Barbie Fairytopia
2006 Barbie Fairytopia

2006 Barbie Fairytopia

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Elina, a flower fairy without wings, and Bibble, a puffball who speaks in chirps and bloops, become two unlikely heroes in the story of BARBIE Fairytopia. The Magic Meadow has been overcome by a horrible illness that is destroying the flowers and making the fairies unable to fly! Elina and Bibble set off on a journey to find the cause of the illness and enlist the help of Azura, the Guardian.

But when they discover that Azura has been captured by the evil Fairy Laverna, Elina and Bibble find themselves on their own. Fortunately, Elina soon meets some new friends, who help her to defeat Laverna and save Fairytopia. As reward for her courage, Elina is granted the most beautiful wings of all the fairies in Fairytopia.

Set of 2 ornaments

Size: Barbie 3¼" H, Bibble 1¼" H

Artist: Patricia Andrews
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