2006 Imperial AT-AT and Rebel Snowspeeder, Star Wars
2006 Imperial AT-AT and Rebel Snowspeeder

2006 Imperial AT-AT and Rebel Snowspeeder, Star Wars

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In this dramatic battle scene from the 1980 release The Empire Strikes Back, Rebel snowspeeders race just above vast ice plains on the desolate planet of Hoth. Wing Commander Luke Skywalker leads a small but determined attack force against a menacing group of Imperial walkers. The towering AT-ATs lumber methodically toward Echo Base, attempting to get within firing range of the Rebellion's main power generator. Realizing blasters are useless against reinforced armor plating, Skywalker instructs Rogue Squadron to use harpoons and high-tension tow cables to thwart the fearsome onslaught.

Press the button on the base of the ornament to listen to the sounds of the battle taking place.

Battery operated. Uses 3 LR44 batteries.

Artist: Robert Hurlburt

Size: 4" H
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