2007 R2-D2 and Jawa, Star Wars # 11 - DB
2007 R2-D2 and Jawa, Star Wars # 11

2007 R2-D2 and Jawa, Star Wars # 11 - DB

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2007 R2-D2 and Jawa, Star Wars # 11 - Damaged Box

2007 Hallmark Star Wars Ornament


#11 in the Star Wars Hallmark Ornament Series.

From Star Wars: A New Hope

Determined to deliver stolen data tapes for the Death Star to Obi-Wan Kenobi, R2-D2 ventures deep into a rocky canyon on Tatooine. Detecting numerous life-forms in the area, the headstrong droid proceeds cautiously until a hooded creature springs from the shadows and takes aim with a blaster. Soon R2-D2 is fitted with a restraining bolt by his Jawa captors and taken aboard their massive transport. Now only the Force can help him resume his quest for the reclusive Jedi Master.

Artist: Kristina Kline

Size: 2.844" x 2.891" x 1.820"


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