2008 Snowman, Yuletide Treasures #3
2008 Snowman, Yuletide Treasures #3

2008 Snowman, Yuletide Treasures #3

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2008 Snowman, Yuletide Treasures #3

2008 Hallmark Keepsake Ornament


When snow lies think upon the ground,
the snowmen all come back to town.
All day, they simply stand and smile,
dressed up in perfect snowman style,
until the hour grows very late.
And then the snowmen start to skate!
Beneath the moon and stars so bright,
they whirl and twirl on ice all night.

Each of the traditional Christmas figures in this series features a pull-string motion that evokes the sweet simplicity of classic toys.

Third in the Yuletide Treasures Hallmark ornament series.

This Hallmark ornament was originally a Hallmark Gold Crown exclusive.

Artist: Edythe Kegrize & Nina Aube

Size: 5.6" H x 2.8" W x 1.6" D

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