2010 USS Enterprise, Star Trek
2010 USS Enterprise, Star Trek

2010 USS Enterprise, Star Trek

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In its maiden voyage in 2009's Star Trek, the U.S.S. Enterprise responds to a distress call from the planet Vulcan. Arriving to find the rest of the rescue fleet destroyed by Romulans, the Enterprise tries unsuccessfully to save the planet. With Captain Christopher Pike held prisoner by the enemy and First Officer Spock emotionally compromised, the crew soon find themselves under the command of the brash young James T. Kirk. The warpspeed action that follows is a baptism by fire for the Enterprise's fledgling crew and an exciting Star Trek introduction to a new generation of fans.

Press the button on the ornament to see the enterprise's light illuminate.

The warp nacels and deflector dish light up!


Uses 3 LR41 batteries.

Artist: Lynn Norton

Size: 6" W

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