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The Carousel Ride Hallmark Ornament Series has a unique display that features light and music (and includes two carousel horses) used to display all of the ornaments in the series, and was offered both in 2004 and 2005. Unfortunately, the display does not turn on its own, but can be turned by hand. The 2005 Proud Giraffe is very hard to find due to low production numbers, and is in very high demand on the secondary market. 2008 was the only year which two different carousel ornaments were offered, with the 2008 Happy Kangaro being offered as a limited quntity ornament.

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2004 Carousel Ride Display (with 2 horse ornaments)
2004 Majestic Lion, Carousel Ride #1
2004 Majestic Lion, Carousel Ride #1 - DB
2005 Proud Giraffe, Carousel Ride #2 - VERY RARE
2006 Prancing Reindeer, Carousel Ride #3
2007 Carousel Ride #4, Grand Polar Bear
2008 Happy Kangaroo, Carousel Ride Special Edition
2008 Wild Tiger, Carousel Ride #5