Carousel Ride

Carousel Ride Hallmark Ornaments

(2004 - 2008)

Remember the magic of the carousel-racing to be the first to reach your favorite animal, then riding round and round and stopping way too soon? This five-year series of Keepsake Ornaments brings back that magic and more. It re-creates the look of the elaborate carousel animals of a century ago, when master wood-carvers took great pride in outfitting them with ornate blankets, saddles, and bridles. It features the more unusual and rare animals, such as the lion that leads off the series.

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2008 Wild Tiger, Carousel Ride #5
2008 Happy Kangaroo, Carousel Ride Special Edition
2004 Carousel Ride #1, Majestic Lion
2006 Carousel Ride #3, Prancing Reindeer
2005 Proud Giraffe, Carousel Ride #2 - VERY RARE
2007 Carousel Ride #4, Grand Polar Bear
2004 Carousel Ride Display (with 2 horse ornaments)
2005 Proud Giraffe, Carousel Ride #2 - VERY RARE NB