Limited Qty 2011

Limited Quantity 2011 Hallmark Ornaments

Every year, Hallmark releases some of their keepsake ornaments on a very limited basis. These limited quabtity ornaments are usually only available to club members, at special events (such as the San Diego Comic Convention), at the July Hallmark Ornament Premiere, or the October Hallmark Ornament Debut. The ornaments below are many of the rare Hallmark Ornaments  that were offered at these special events.

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2011 A Monstrously Pretty Bride (Lucy), The Peanuts Gang, Halloween
2011 Angel's Star, Register to Win
2011 Barbie Shoe-sational, Event, Colorway - RARE
2011 Bossk, Star Wars, LIMITED QUANTITY
2011 Bright Beginning, Disney Pixar, LIMITED QUANTITY
2011 Comic Book Guy, The Simpsons, SDCC, RARE
2011 Descending Upon Gotham, Batman, SDCC, RARE!
2011 Five Sweet Years, Santa's Sweet Ride, LIMITED QTY
2011 Golden Snitch, Harry Potter, LIMITED QUANTITY, VERY RARE
2011 Golden Snitch, Harry Potter, LIMITED QUANTITY, VERY RARE - DB
2011 Holly Fairy, Fairy Messengers, LIMITED QUANTITY
2011 IG-88 and Dengar, Star Wars, SDCC, RARE!
2011 It's All In The Shoes, The Wizard of Oz, LIMITED QUANTITY
2011 Lady of the Manor Barbie, Club Ornament
2011 Lady Oriole, Beauty of Birds, LIMITED QUANTITY
2011 Look Who's Pook-a-Looz!, Mickey Mouse, LIMITED QTY
2011 Mrs Claus's Cupboard, EVENT - RARE
2011 Peaches N Cream Barbie, LIMITED QUANTITY
2011 Pennsylvania GG-1 Locomotive, Lionel Trains, LIMITED QUANTITY
2011 R2-Q5 and R2-A3, Star Wars, NYCC, RARE
2011 Santa's Armoire, Club Ornament, COLORWAY - RARE
2011 Scarlet Tanager, Beauty of Birds, COLORWAY, EVENT - RARE
2011 Seasons Treatings COLORWAY, EVENT
2011 Sleeping Beauty, Precious Moments, LIMITED QUANTITY - RARE
2011 Snoop N Sniff, Fisher-Price, LIMITED QUANTITY
2011 Teatime In Wonderland, Disney, LIMITED QUANTITY
2011 USS Defiant, Star Trek, NYCC, RARE
2011 Visit From Santa COLORWAY, EVENT
2011 Winter Fun With Snoopy, Register to Win Colorway, Miniature