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If you need magic cords, legacy cords, hooks, batteries, stands, displays or any other accessories for your ornaments, then this is where you need to be! We have a large selection of ornament accessories that will help you display and bring your ornament collection to life. Please feel free to contact us (using the contact us link at the bottom of the page) if you have any questions that we can assist you with.

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1988 Shadow Box Memory Tree, Display Tree
1991 Angel Of Light Tree Topper
2001 Ornament Display Stand
2003 Miniature Ornament Wall Display Window, Mirrored Display, Club
2003 Tis the Season! - Photo Holder and Ornament Display
2006 The Merry Bakers Ornament Display Stand, The Merry Bakers
2006 Yuletide Harmony Tree, Yuletide Harmony Collection
2012 Ornament Spotlight
2013 Twelve Days of Christmas Display Tree - RARE
$199.95 $179.00
2014 A Year of Disney Magic Ornament Display Stand
2014 Making Sweet Memories Ornament Tree
2017 Keepsake Power Cord
Do-It-YoursELF Battery Kit
Hallmark Legacy Cord
Light String Adapter
LR43 Alkaline Cell Batteries, 2 Pack
LR44 Alkaline Cell Batteries, 2 Pack
Magic Cord, Powers Up to 7 Magic Cord Ornaments