Selling Your Collection

Are you asking yourself: Where can I sell my Hallmark ornament collection?

The answer is: Here! ... at We buy Hallmark Keepsake ornaments.

We are open to purchasing individual Hallmark ornaments, or entire Hallmark ornament collections, from private sellers.

However, please keep in mind that we do not buy every ornament or ornament collection that is offered to us.

Most importantly, we only buy ornaments at liquidation prices (we do not pay the prices listed on our website).

We receive a LOT of lists and inquiries about purchasing ornaments every day, so our advice would be to make your collection is priced as attractively as as possible, and easy for us to evaluate. Collections that we feel are priced high and/or that are not easy to evaluate may not receive a response.

Since everyone's time is extremely valuable, and we want to give everyone a fair and equal opportunity to sell their collection to us, we will NOT discuss purchasing ornaments over the phone, as this does not give us enough time to evaluate the collection, and we just do not have the time to advise everyone on how to sell their collection. All of the information you need is on this page (please see below). All communication about selling your Hallmark ornaments to us needs to be sent to us in writing, exclusively through email. Please do NOT send us your list through the US Postal service.

Here are some tips and guidelines to follow if you would like us to consider buying your Hallmark ornaments:

  • We ONLY buy Hallmark Keepsake ornaments. Unfortunately, this means that we are NOT interested in Carlton Cards, Enesco, or Hallmark ornaments that are sold at Walmart (aka "Red Box ornaments"). We do not buy other non-Keepsake Hallmark products either. We exclusively deal with Hallmark Keepsake ornaments. In other words, if it isn't listed on our website (or a Hallmark Keepsake ornament), we would kindly ask that you remove those items from your list.

  • Please provide us with the absolute minimum price that you will accept for your ornament(s) or ornament collection. In order to ensure that we do not offend anyone with what someone may believe is a low offer, we usually do not negotiate price, and we never make offers for collections when considering to purchase ornaments from individuals, so please make sure that your offer is really your best offer. We will not go back and forth on price, so please keep in mind your first offer is your only offer, as we will not reconsider a collection if we refuse it.

  • *** The best way to get our attention is with a low price and a collection that is easy for us to evaluate. ***

  • *** Please make sure that your price includes all shipping, handling, and packaging costs. ***

  • Please only include Hallmark Keepsake ornaments that are in MINT condition, and that come in their original Mint to Near Mint boxes. Please only include ornaments that have the original price tabs still on their boxes (unless they are from 1985 or earlier, and are from a Hallmark series such as Frosty Friends, Mary's Angels - then you can still include them on the list, but please note if the tab is missing). Unfortunately, we are NOT looking to purchase damaged ornaments, or ornaments that have boxes that will not pass for new.

  • We are not looking to buy collections that are primarily made up of ornaments from 1990 through 2005.

  • We are always looking to buy miniature Hallmark ornaments, but we are not interested in Merry Miniatures.

  • When sending your list, please make sure that the list has the year and name of the ornament. Including the product code is ok, but the list MUST have the year and name of the ornament. We prefer if the list is sorted by year, and/or by series. Unsorted, unorganized lists will generally be ignored unless it has less than 20 ornaments, but we still request that you provide the year, name, and asking price for each ornament. If you are going to take selling your collection seriously, you will need this information, as just about every dealer will ask for it.

  • Please advise if you are willing to sell individual ornaments, or only the entire lot.

  • Pictures are always welcome and very helpful, and can be substituted for a written list. Please only send pictures for collections of 200 ornaments or less, and please only send 8 or fewer images.

  • We prefer to submit payment with PayPal, but may be open to other forms of payment, depending on the circumstances. We will NOT send cash in the mail. Checks, money orders, and Zelle are reserved for large collections only (500+ ornaments), and will only be sent AFTER we have had a chance to physically inspect the collection. We do not use CashApp, Venmo, or any other service not mentioned here when buying ornaments.

  • We do NOT sell on consignment.

The most frequently asked question we receive is "How do I price my ornaments", or "What percentage of your price do you pay?" Unfortunately, we do not have a good answer for this question, as the answer really depends on each individual ornament. As a general guideline, we very rarely pay 30% or more of our retail price for an ornament (unless it is for very rare, hard to find, or extremely popular ornaments - but there aren't too many of these), and the percentage we pay drops quickly from there. The amount we pay heavily depends on the ornament, its availability, our current inventory levels, the demand in the secondary market, and other factors. We buy ornaments at liquidation pricing because we need to cover our significant overhead, factor in the discounts we offer, and still hopefully leave a little bit left for a small profit. Pricing and ornament condition are the two biggest factors when we buy collections, so please make sure your pricing is as attractive as possible, and that you only include mint ornaments with mint boxes.

The other most frequently asked question we are asked is "Which ornaments are you looking to purchase?" Generally speaking, we are primarily looking to purchase ornaments from 2006 to the current year. We will make exceptions for older ornaments that are in an active Hallmark series (ex: Mary's Angels, Frosty Friends, Nostalgic Houses and Shops, etc), and/or are still relevant in current pop culture (ex: Star Wars, Star Trek, Harry Potter, Disney, Barbie, etc). There are some other exceptions, but that is generally what we are looking to purchase at this time.

Visit the Contact Us page (on the menu at the bottom of this page), email us your ornament list (and/or pictures), and your absolute best price, and we will get in contact with you if we are interested in purchasing your collection. Please make sure to include an email address that you monitor when sending this information. (Please note: we may not respond to your offer if you haven't followed our guidelines and provided all of the information requested).

Thank you for your time ... and Happy Hallmarking!
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