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A Christmas Story

A Christmas Story


A Christmas Story Hallmark Ornaments

Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments from the classic holiday movie, A Christmas Story, are part of an unofficial Hallmark Ornament series. The series began in 2006 with three ornaments, Bunny Suit, Double Dog Dare, and Mr. Parker's Prize (a leg lamp, of course). This series continues to be a VERY popular series, and has featured a number of Leg Lamp ornaments, as well as some classic moments from the film, featuring Ralphie as he eagerly awaits Christmas morning.


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2006 Bunny Suit, A Christmas Story - RARE
This 2006 Hallmark Ornament is from the classic film, A Christmas Story. Ralphie's bunny suit is..
2006 I Double Dog Dare Ya, A Christmas Story
This 2006 Hallmark Ornament depicts the famous scene from A Christmas Story which proved that no kid..
2006 Mr Parkers Prize, Christmas Story,  Magic
From the classic Christmas movie, A Christmas Story. Press the button on the back of this 2006 ..
2006 You’ll Shoot Yer Eye Out, Kid!, A Christmas Story
This piece is very hard to find! Turn the globe over to hear Ralphie ask Santa Claus for a RE..
2007 A Major Award! A Christmas Story, Magic
Ah, the leg lamp. It means something different to everybody. To Ralphie, it's "the glow of electr..
2007 I Can'€™t Put My Arms Down! A Christmas Story
Randy knows that being the baby of the family has certain advantages--like getting to play with h..
2007 Ralphie Parker Saves the Day, A Christmas Story
Black Bart is back in town! And inside the house on Cleveland Street, a family huddles for safety..
2008 The Unforgettable Leg Lamp, A Christmas Story, Magic
"Fra-GEE-Lay ... it must be Italian!" exclaims Ralphie's dad as his "Major Award" arrives in its ..
2009 Ralphies Pink Nightmare, A Christmas Story
Featuring Sound Magic “Aunt Clara sends the nicest gifts!” Ralphie couldn’t d..
2009 What a Lamp!, A Christmas Story
A Christmas Story showed the world that while any old lamp can be turned on, there is one that can a..
2010 Poor Ralphie's One Chance, A Christmas Story
Poor Ralphie! He's blown his one chance to tell Santa what he really wants for Christmas - the ul..
2010 Triple Dog Dare, A Christmas Story
The boys all huddled round Flick and Schwartz at recess, leaning in close so they wouldn't miss a..
2011 Leg Lamp, A Christmas Story
A "Major Award"? ... or a major eyesore?? Either way you see it, Mr. Parker definitely ..
2011 Oh...Fudge!, A Christmas Story
Oh .... fudge. ... Only, I didn't say fudge. Ralphie's dad can't believe his ears ..
2012 Ralphie Sees The Light, A Christmas Story
Ralphie is on to something, as he takes a closer peek at his dad's new "major award." Give your f..
2012 The House on Cleveland Street, A Christmas Story
Match the old man's enthusiasm for his newly displayed leg lamp every time you hang this 2012 Hal..
2013 A Major Accident, A Christmas Story
Was it an accident or was it sabotage that lead to the old man's indescribably beautiful "maj..
2013 I Shot My Eye Out!, A Christmas Story, Magic
Ralphie's Christmas wish comes true, but so does the premonition from the grown-ups. Luckil..
2014 Bumpuses!, A Christmas Story, Magic
A Christmas Story Press the button on the ornament to hear memorable moments from this classic sc..
2014 The Legendary Leg Lamp, A Christmas Story
The leg lamp from "A Christmas Story" attaches to a light string for a lighting effect option.&nb..
2015 Ralphie Cleans Up, A Christmas Story
Ralphie has a bar of soap to clean his filthy mouth. Nine-year-old Ralphie learns the hard w..
2015 The Envy of Cleveland Street, A Christmas Story
Press button on ornament to hear memorable moments from this unforgettable film! Battery oper..
2016 It's a Lamp!, A Christmas Story
A Christmas Story Artist: Tracy Larsen Size: 3.625" x 2.625" x 1.875"   ..
2016 Ralphie to the Rescue!, A Christmas Story
A Christmas Story. Press the button on the ornament to hear memorable moments from this class..
2017 What a Great Lamp! - A Christmas Story, Magic
Light. Pull the cord on the ornament to see the leg lamp illuminate! Battery-operated (includ..
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