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1987 Good Cheer Blimp, Magic
A unique ornament - bright blinking lights will fill your Christmas with Keepsake Magic! Artist: ..
1987 Good Cheer Blimp, Magic - DB
A unique ornament - bright blinking lights will fill your Christmas with Keepsake Magic! Art..
1991 Arctic Dome, Magic
A unique ornament - blinking lights and motion fill your Christmas with Keepsake Magic! To start ..
1991 Holiday Glow, Magic
Lighted panorama ball. Light fills the room in the scene and lights the Christmas tree. Plug..
1991 Santa Special, Magic
Lighted, Sound and Motion Plug ornament into any light bulb socket on a standard miniature t..
1992 Look! It's Santa, Magic
Featuring Light MAGIC! Light casts Santa’s shadow on the back wall! A unique ornamentâ€..
1992 Santa Sub, Magic
A unique ornament—bright blinking lights fill your Christmas magic! Lights blink automa..
1993 Home on the Range, Magic
A unique lighted ornament! Listen to the music, and see Santa ride his trusty rocking steed! Pl..
1993 Santas Workshop, Magic
A unique lighted ornament! As the toys circle on the conveyer, the ballerina twirls, the helicopter ..
1995 My First Hot Wheels, Magic
A unique ornament—the Hot Wheels cars loop ‘round and ‘round the track, to the deligh..
1995 Superman, Magic
A unique ornament! The mild-mannered newspaper reporter Clark Kent turns into Superman - and back ag..
1995 Victorian Toy Box, Magic - SDB
A unique lighted ornament! In the glow of the Christmas tree, the toys in this enchanting toy box co..
1996 Chicken Coop Chorus, Magic
At your command, a talented trio of chickens will cluck a merry chorus of "Jingle Bells." And when y..
1996 Jukebox Party, Magic
A unique ornament - while the jukebox glows with light, the mice inside are getting ready for the..
1996 Statue of Liberty, Magic
A unique ornament - celebrates America's ideals of freedom and opportunity, and pays tribute to o..
1997 Santas Showboat, Magic
A unique ornament - The jolly Captain waves from the pilothouse as his Showboat ties up to your t..
1997 The Night Before Christmas, Artist'€™s Studio Collection
"I wanted to get as much movement into this design as possible," says Hallmark Keepsake Ornament ..
2000 Millennium Express, Magic
Lighted, Sound and Motion Trains go forward or in reverse. Lights in buildings and t..
2001 Bambi Discovers Winter, Disney
Walking on ice for the first time can be very tricky and Bambi discovers that too! With all four ..
2001 Snoozing Santa, Magic
Santa's so tired from delivering toys to millions of good little girls and boys. He turns off hi..
2001 Up on the Housetop, Magic
There’s a commotion on Candy Cane Lane! The action begins up on the housetop, as Santa’..
2002 Circus Mountain Railroad, Magic
Light, Sound and Motion Lights on the carousel flash, while the lights under the big top and..
2002 Village Toy Shop, Magic
A unique ornament - Recalls wonderful childhood memories ... especially the excitement of standin..
2003 Polar Coaster, Magic
Santa's theme park way up north draws folks from all around. They love the great attractions and the..
2003 Rockin and Rollin, Magic
Motion, Lights, and Sound Press the cassette on the dashboard to hear "Little Saint Nick" by..
2004 Christmas Cookies!, Magic - HARD TO FIND
Once we get to shov'in sugar cookies in the oven, a happy scene is certain to take place. Goodi..
2004 Deck the Halls Tweety, Magic
Featuring Music and Voice Magic! What's Going on at Granny's House? Tweety Knows! Nothing escapes..
2004 Electrical Spectacle, Magic
This unique Hallmark Keepsake Ornament celebrates the enthusiasm many homeowners have for decorat..
2004 Lionelville, Magic
Light, motion, and sound Classic trains come to life. Conductor calls out, "Lionelville! All abo..
2005 City Sidewalks, Magic
Music, Light and Motion Shoppers, trolley and cab move. Buildings light up to the rhythm of the m..
2005 Mailbox Melodies, Magic
Root-a-toot-toot Go the musical mice At this "noteworthy"€™ time of the year. Th..
2005 Rockin'€™ With Santa, Magic - DB
Old Santa is one rockin'€ guy, And when he gets the chance, He likes to spin some Christmas ..
2005 Rockin'€™ With Santa, Magic - RARE
Old Santa is one rockin'€™ guy, And when he gets the chance, He likes to spin some Christma..
2005 Spirit of St. Nick, Magic
Santa decided to trade in his sleigh - now he'€™s flying this airplane around! Advice..
2006 A Christmas Broadcast, Magic
Featuring Sound, Music, and Light Magic! Here’s you Christmas broadcast— Go ahead and..
2006 A Glimpse of Santa, Magic
Look who's arrived down the chimney! He's Jolly and Plump as can be... He's Brought a fun treat fo..
2006 Deck the Halls Charlie Brown, PEANUTS, Magic
Plays "€œDeck the Halls"€ Snoopy and Sally are decking the tree, and Woodstock on top..
2006 MP3 Player
MP3 Player - Personal Audio Plays four Christmas songs from four musical genres - Jazz, Country, ..
2006 Rock Candy Railroad, Magic
To send the train on its way, turn the dial to one of four preset positions and hit the "Go" butt..
2007 Candy Cane Lane, Magic
There's a street at Christmastime that's fun to visit, with a Christmas decoration in each y..
2007 Holiday Fridge, Magic
A hearty Christmas banquet's neatly tucked inside the fridge, And my, it looks delicious! Go on, ..
2007 Snowy Mountain Lodge, RARE
Press the button on the side of the ornament and skiers begin to descend the slope, skaters move ..
2008 Cool Yule Record Player, Magic
Movin' and a groovin' to the jazzy Christmas beat is guaranteed to swing the room and give you ha..
2008 Home for Christmas, Magic - Rare
This ornament is VERY hard to find, and sold out in most Hallmark stores across the country. ..
2008 Home for Christmas, Magic - Rare DB
This ornament is VERY hard to find, and sold out in most Hallmark stores across the country. ..
2008 Statler and Waldorf, The Muppet Show, Magic
It can get pretty rowdy in the theater box when Statler and Waldorf are there providing their sig..
2008 Swingin Into Christmas, Magic
Featuring Light and Sound Magic! Christmas is a swingin'€™ time For snazzy tunes from wa..
2009 Holiday Hilltop Tree Farm, Magic
Featuring Light, Sound, and Motion Magic O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree, How beautiful and ..
2009 Magic Express, Magic Series
Celebrating 25 Years of Keepsake Magic Ornaments With jingle bells and flashing lights, ..
2010 Andy Griffith Show, Magic - HARD TO FIND!
When the Andy Griffith Show debuted in 1960, viewers were welcomed with a generous helping of sou..
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