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Puppy Love

Puppy Love
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1991 Puppy Love #1
This little puppy wears a heart shaped brass tag because he's a puppy lovable as can be! Each year a..
1991 Puppy Love #1 - NB
This little puppy wears a heart shaped brass tag because he's a puppy lovable as can be! Each yea..
1992 Puppy Love #2
Second in the Puppy Love Hallmark Ornament series. This 1992 Hallmark Keepsake Ornament features ..
1993 Puppy Love #3
This cute Golden Retriever pup is sliding into your heart this Christmas. He is wearing a heart shap..
1994 Puppy Love #4
Poodles all love Christmas, the lights, the sounds, the tree ... Just ask this little fellow, And..
1995 Puppy Love #5
A black and brown Rottweiler puppy looks up at you with a red ribbon in his mouth. His heart shap..
1996 Puppy Love #6
This cute little dachshund stands up on his hind legs holding a red Christmas stocking, with his bon..
1997 Puppy Love #7
This adorable white and brown beagle is eagle to please has she holds a green slipper in her mouth. ..
1997 Puppy Love #7 DB
This adorable white and brown beagle is eagle to please has she holds a green slipper in her mout..
1998 Puppy Love #8
This bouncy black Lab puppy says, "Come on, let's decorate!" There's so much to look forward toĂ..
1999 Puppy Love #9
This Shepherd Pup's excited - he knows without a doubt The kind of fun that Christmas brings is s..
2000 Puppy Love #10
This cute little Yorkshire Terrier puppy is hanging from a candy cane wreath. Tenth in the P..
2001 Puppy Love #11
This friendly Sheltie is more than happy to share the big poinsettia she has managed to take. Ele..
2002 Puppy Love #12
This naughty puppy has been chewing on his master's hat. If found out, he'll be sure to blame it o..
2003 Puppy Love #13
Thirtheenth in the Puppy Love Series This cute boxer has a brass dog tag on his collar. Dated 2..
2004 Puppy Love #14
This adorable Lab couldn't wait for Christmas, and is chewing on his present a few days early! His h..
2005 Puppy Love #15
A perky little Westie fills this basket full of love. What happy puppy pleasures could he b..
2005 Puppy Love COLORWAY
This colorway (or repaint) was issued as a 2005 Local Club Gift. The perky little Westie is ..
2006 Puppy Love #16
This playful Chihuahua popped his head out of a Chriatmas oven mit to see if Santa has arrived ye..
2007 Puppy Love #17
I can hardly sleep a wink! Someone's on the roof, I think! Sounds like Santa ... could it be? Hop..
2008 Puppy Love #18
Eighth in the Puppy Love Hallmark Keepsake Ornament series. This naughty puppy seems to have ..
2009 Puppy Love #19
Slobbery kisses and loud, happy barks, Tail wagging, stick fetching, walks in the park, Wiggles of..
2010 Puppy Love #20
Lovable puppies like lots of attention. So walk me or hug me, and, oh, did i mentionĂ¢Â€Â” ..
2011 Puppy Love #21
An adorable pug puppy joins the Hallmark Ornament series, Puppy Love, for 2011. He is wearing his re..
2012 Puppy Love #22
22nd in the Puppy Love Hallmark ornament series. This eager cuddle buddy is ready for a..
2013 Puppy Love #23
23rd in the Hallmark ornament series Your furry friend makes you laugh and gives you someone..
2014 Puppy Love #24
A white dog with a brown spot on his back and a brown patch on his head.    &nb..
2016 Puppy Love #26
This 2016 Hallmark Keepsake Ornament is a Hallmark Gold Crown Exclusive. 26th in the P..
2017 Playful Puppy Surprise Mystery Ornament, Puppy Love Compliment
This ornament is a repainted version of the 14th in the Puppy Love series and is back this ye..
2017 Siberian Husky, Puppy Love #27
27th in the Puppy Love Series. Artist crafted and brass. Artist: Anita Rogers ..
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