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Snow Buddies

Snow Buddies
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1998 Snow Buddies #1
First in the Snow Buddies Hallmark Ornament Series. This Hallmark Keepsake series is dedicated to..
1999 Snow Buddies #2
Second in the Snow Buddies Hallmark Ornament Series. Size: 2 1/2" H Artist: Tammy Ha..
2000 Snow Buddies #3
This 2000 Hallmark Keepsake Ornament features our favorite snow buddy feeding a couple of bright ..
2001 Snow Buddies #4
Fourth in Frosty Friends Hallmark Ornament Series. Frosty has a red apple for his raccoon friend...
2002 Snow Buddies #5
Fifth in the Snow Buddies Series Size: 2 5/8" H x 2 3/8" W Artist: Tammy Haddix ..
2002 Snow Buddies #5, Colorway
This colorway (or repaint) of the 2002 Snow Buddies #5 ornament was exclusively available as a Re..
2003 Snow Buddies #6
Sixth in the Snow Buddies Hallmark Ornament Series. Artist: Tammy Haddix Size: 2 1/2..
2004 Snow Buddies #7
This Keepsake Ornament was originally produced and released by Hallmark in 2004.   7th..
2005 Snow Buddies #8
Tihs friendly pair of night owls love to watch the falling snow. They think it looks quite ma..
2006 Snow Buddies #9
Ninth in the Snow Buddies Hallmark Ornament series. This Keepsake Ornament was originally pr..
2006 Snow Buddies #9 COLORWAY
Colorway (or repaint) of the 9th (and current) series ornament. Exclusively available to new a..
2007 Snow Buddies #10
What to get a frisky friend? A puppy treat can't miss! And in exchange, this snowman gets a..
2007 Snow Buddies Snow Globe10th Anniversary, Snow Buddies
Handcrafted and glass Artist: Tammy Haddix Size:   This item is heavy a..
2007 Snow Buddies10th Anniversary
This 2007 limited quantity Hallmark ornament was originally offered at the 2007 July Ornament Premie..
2008 Snow Buddies #11
Snow Buddies - 11th Our snowman friend and his pup are having fun ice fishing. This Keepsa..
2009 Snow Buddies #12
12th in the Snow Buddies Hallmark ornament series. This 2009 Hallmark ornament finds our sno..
2010 Snow Buddies #13
#13 in the Snow Buddies Hallmark ornament series. This installment in the Snow Buddies serie..
2011 Snow Buddies #14
14th in the Snow Buddies Hallmark Ornament series Artist: Tammy Haddix Size: 2½" x ..
2011 Snow Buddies, Colorway, Club Ornament
This 2011 Snow Buddies ornament is a colorway (or repaint) of the 2011 Snow Buddies ornament. It ..
2012 Snow Buddies #15
15th in the Snow Buddies Hallmark ornament series. The inquisitive snow kids in this Hallmar..
2012 Snow Buddies, LIMITED QUANTITY
This 2012 Hallmark Limited Quanitity ornament was originally offered at the 2012 Hallmark Keepsak..
2013 Snow Buddies #16
16th in the Hallmark ornament series Celebrate friendship with this year's ornament from the..
2014 Snow Buddies #17
The snowman is feeding a goose and is so happy to do so. The snowman is wearing a green jacket, b..
2015 Snow Buddies #18
18th in series Baby, it's cold outside, but friendship warms the heart, and that's wh..
2017 Snow Buddies #20
20th in the Snow Buddies series. Artist: Tammy Haddix Size: 2.5" x 2.67" x..
2017 Snow Buddies - 20th Anniversary
On ornament: 20 Years. Artist: Tammy Haddix Size: 2.29" x 3" x 2.1" T..
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