2000 The Great Oz, The Wizard of Oz - DB

2000 The Great Oz, The Wizard of Oz - DB
Brand: Hallmark
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A UNIQUE ornament-portrays Dorothy and her friends as they gaze in awe at the Great Oz, hoping he will grant their wishes. Meanwhile, Dorothy's brave and curious little dog Toto venturs behind the curtain, threatening to reveal the Wizard's true identity. Three memorable pronouncements from the film are featured on this ornament:

"I am Oz-the great and powerful."
"Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!"
"The Great Oz has spoken"

To hear he great Oz speak, press the button located on the back of the ornament, on the "control panel." The image of Oz and the clouds surrounding him glow while he is speaking. While he is not speaking, red lights in the flames on the steps blink.

Plug ornament into any socket on a standard miniature tree light string.

Magic - Featuring Light and Sound

Artist: Ken Crow



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