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2003 Jerry Rice, San Francisco 49ers, Football Legends #9
#9 in the Football Legends Hallmark Ornament series!   Voted the best player in NFL hi..
2003 Jewelry Box Carousel, Treasures and Dreams #2
Windup music and movement. Plays "Walz of the Flowers" from The Nutcracker Artist: Ken Cr..
2003 Jimmie Johnson, NASCAR
Consistency is the key to Jimmie Johnson’s steady rise in the ranks of NASCAR drivers. After on..
2003 Jingle All the Way, Tweety
This 2003 Hallmark Ornament features Tweety, from Looney Tunes, and plays "Jingle Bells." Battery..
2003 Jingle Bell Express, Miniature Kiddie Car Classics #9
Die-cast metal Wheels turn Artist: Chris Webb Miniature ..
2003 Join the Caravan Corvette, Miniature
This set of 5 2003 miniature Hallmark ornaments (with display stand) features a 1953 Roadster, 1967..
2003 Jolly Li'l Santa, Miniature
A miniature santa claus that seems to have had a few too many cookies. Handcrafted and pewter..
2003 Joy to the Birds, PEANUTS Miniature
Woodstock wants everyone to sing his favorite carol. He requests “Joy to the Birds!” on on..
2003 Kitchen Angels Spoon Tree, Miniature Ornament Display
Set of 6 miniature ornaments with display tree Miniature Ornament Display Piece  ..
2003 Kitchen Angels, Miniature
These miniature Hallmark Ornaments comprise a set of three ornaments. Artist: Sue Tague ..
2003 Kitty Catch, Miniature
This mini Keepsake Ornament was originally produced and released by Hallmark in 2003. Art..
2003 Kobe Bryant, Hoop Stars #9
#9 in the Hoop Stars series! In 1996, Kobe Bryant became the youngest NBA player to ever app..
2003 Kris and the Kringles #3
Magic Ornament Flickering light Santa and his reindeer sit around a campfire that flick..
2003 Kris Kringle
Just when we begin to think we're all grown-up...too old for Santa Claus and sugarplum dreams...sudd..
2003 Lawn Patrol, Pink Flamingo, Miniature
This Keepsake Ornament was originally produced and released by Hallmark in 2003.   A p..
2003 Lighthouse Greetings #7
Seventh in Series Lighthouse's beacon light flashes as light glows softly from the windows of the..
2003 Lighthouse Greetings #7 - DB
Seventh in Series Lighthouse's beacon light flashes as light glows softly from the windows o..
2003 Lionel #8 - 4449 Daylight Steam Locomotive
In 1941 when the first Southern Pacifics GS-4 Daylight steam locomotive began her run, she was ca..
2003 Lionel Daylight Observation Car, Lionel Trains
The passenger coaches of the Southern Pacific Daylight were magnificent, with reclining seats, ai..
2003 Lionel Daylight Oil Tender, Lionel Trains
The tender for the Southern Pacific Daylight echoed the streamlines styling of its locomotive. Ca..
2003 Lionel Steam Locomotive and Tender, Miniature Blue Comet
Set of 2 Miniature Ornaments Wheels turn Die-cast metal Artist: NA Miniatu..
2003 Little Rain Cloud, Winnie the Pooh #6
Open the book to find Winnie the Pooh using a helium balloon to help him be able to get to the ho..
2003 Lucy's Italian Movie, I Love Lucy
To see Lucy stomp grapes from this classic scene from I Love Lucy, gently turn the knob on orname..
2003 Madame Alexander Little Women #3, Elizabeth Beth March
3rd in the Madame Alexander Little Women Hallmark ornament series. This 2003 Keepsake Ornamen..
2003 Madeline
Imagine a magical world of Eiffel Towers and yellow hats and Gypsy carnivals. Sound like fun? This i..
2003 Malibu Barbie, Barbie #10
In 1959, Barbie doll debuted wearing a black-and-white striped swimsuit, and in 1971, Malibu Barbie ..
2003 Marlin and Nemo, Finding Nemo
Nemo and his father, Marlin, are swimming around pink coral in this Hallmark Keepsake Ornament. ..
2003 Merrier by the Dozen, Miniature
What fun! Colorful glass ornaments highlight the delights of Christmastime. In addition to four c..
2003 Merriweather
This 2003 Hallmark Keepsake Ornament is a snow woman with a green scarf. Artist: N/A ..
2003 Merry Christmas World!
Watch Santa's reindeer pull Santa around the world in his sleigh. Sound and light Batter..
2003 Merry Glitzmas!, Magic
This 2003 Hallmark Ornament is a light-up Christmas sweater. To turn on the Christmas tree lights..
2003 Mesmerelda, Halloween
Handcrafted and wood Artist: Patricia Andrews Size: ..
2003 Midnight Serenade, Halloween
This Keepsake Ornament was originally produced and released by Hallmark in 2003. Artist: ..
2003 Mighty Tonka Crane
This 2003 Hallmark Keepsake is based on the 1970s TONKA crane. Die-cast metal and handcrafted. ..
2003 Miniature Ornament Wall Display Window, Mirrored Display, Club
The perfect way to display your favorite 6 miniature Hallmark ornaments! This miniatue orn..
2003 Mischievous Kittens #5
A playful pull toy mouse, some catnip, and a fish ... Santa stuffed this stocking with Kitty's ev..
2003 Mistletoe Miss #3 and Final
3rd and Final in the Mistletoe Miss Hallmark Keepsake ornament series. Set of 2 ornaments ..
2003 Mistletoe Time, Disney
Mistletoe Time is a unique Hallmark Keepsake Ornament. This Ornament clips on to the tree's branc..
2003 Mistletot Faeries, Club
This 2003 Hallmark Ornament was exclusively available to Keepsake Ornament Collectors Club members. ..
2003 Model 8420 Tractor, John Deere
Wheels turn Die-cast metal Artist: NA Size: 3" L x 2" H ..
2003 Mom
2003 MomQXG8887
This 2003 Hallmark Ornament is a penguin holding a gift, wearing a red scarf that reads "Mom" ..
2003 Mom - DB
2003 Mom - DBQXG8887DB
This 2003 Hallmark Ornament is a penguin holding a gift, wearing a red scarf that reads "Mom" ..
2003 Mouse Warming Gift, Miniature
Sung and Warm Two little mice Find mitten living “furry” nice! Set of 3 miniature ..
2003 Mr Potato Head
Did you know that the firs tbody of the original 1952 Mr. Potato Head was a real potato? Size: 3 ..
2003 Mr. Tap Happy, Halloween
Halloween Artist: NA Size: ..
2003 Mufasa and Simba, Disneys Lion King
A Hallmark Keepsake Ornamenttwo piece set that features Mufasa, the proud father and Simba who is..
2003 My First Christmas - Baby Girl
Look, it's the Christmas star! Celebrate the growing-up years for a special girl with the Child's..
2003 Nature's Sketchbook #1, Birdhouse
Designed by Marjolein Bastin Artist: John (Collin) Francis Size: 3" H ..
2003 Noah's Ark
The ark opens up to reveal animals, such as elephants, giraffes, lions, sheep, and birds. ..
2003 Nutcracker Soldier, Club Ornament
This 2003 Hallmark Keepsake Ornament was exclusively available to Keepsake Ornament Collector Club m..
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