2003 C-3PO, Star Wars #7
2003 C-3PO, Star Wars #7

2003 C-3PO, Star Wars #7

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2003 C-3PO, Star Wars #7

2003 Hallmark Star Wars Ornament


#7 in the Star Wars Hallmark Ornament Series!

The protocol droid C-#PO is programmed to speak in more than six million languages, and speak he does - offering his opinion in almost any situation! This sophisticated droid, outfitted with an AA-1 VerboBrain, is forever calculating the odds against the daring Jedi plans of his master Luke Skywalker. Nonetheless, his "human" frailties and his friendship with near-constant companion R2-D2 make C-3PO one of the most endearing and indispensable members of the Rebel Alliance.

Artist: Kristina Kline

Size: 4.177" H x 1.966" W x 1.566" D