1996 Millennium Falcon, Star Wars- DB
1996 Millennium Falcon, Star Wars

1996 Millennium Falcon, Star Wars- DB

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1996 Millennium Falcon, Star Wars - DB

1996 Hallmark Star Wars Ornament


The cockpit and engines light up!

The first Star Wars ornament with light!

Plug the ornament into the mini lights on your tree, and it lights up.

A unique ornament! Han Solo's remarkable modified freighter becomes the first Keepsake ornament to celebrate the classic Star Wars space adventure. Noted for its breathtaking special effects, the film envisions a battle between the forces of good and evil in a galaxy far, far away. It has thrilled millions of fans since its debut in 1977.

Displayed on your tree, this ornament with its glowing lights is a reminder of the memorable scene in which Han provides cover in the Death Star trench for his friend Luke Skywalker.

Ornament plugs into any of the light bulb sockets on a miniature tree light string. Use only with standard UL listed light strings of 3.5- or 6-Volt bulbs. Not for use with blinking lights, pre-lit trees or LED lights.

Artist: NA

Size: 1.155" H  x  3.280"W  x  4.375" L