2010 Amok Time, Star Trek - DB
2010 Amok Time, Star Trek

2010 Amok Time, Star Trek - DB

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2010 Amok Time, Star Trek - DB

2010 Hallmark Star Trek Ornament


Kill a friend or be killed? This the dilemma Captain Kirk and Spock encounter in the popular 1967 Star Trek original series episode "Amok Time." Compelled by the Vulcan time of mating, Pon farr, Spock returns home to be married, only to find his intended has other plans. Unexpectedly, she chooses Kirk as her champion, pitting the friends in a traditional Vulcan battle ... to the death! With a little medical trickery from Dr. McCoy, Spock appears to win the life-or-death struggle. Later, upon his return to the Enterprise, Spock happily discovers that Kirk is alive and well.

Press the button on the ornament to hear music from this exciting scene!

Battery operated.

Artist: Anita Marra Rogers

Size: 4.187" H x 3.64" W x 3.186" D