2004 Smasheroo Barbie, Barbie #11 - DB
2004 Smasheroo Barbie, Barbie #11

2004 Smasheroo Barbie, Barbie #11 - DB

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2004 Smasheroo Barbie, Barbie #11 - DB

2004 Hallmark Barbie Ornament


Barbie doll has always been in the forefront of fashion! In 1968 she updated her look, adopting a new long, straight hairstyle with bangs-just perfect for a host of groovy, mod outfits. This ultrahip Smasheroo ensemble reflected the influence of the swingin' London scene. Barbie wore the yellow plush hat and its matching jacket with a low-belted shirtdress in cool stripes. And since no outfit is complete without accessories, she has paired it up with bright, patterned hose and tall red boots--Simply Smashing!

Artist: N/A

Size: 5" H