2005 Father Christmas #2 - RARE!
2005 Father Christmas #2 - RARE!

2005 Father Christmas #2 - RARE!

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2005 Father Christmas #2 - RARE!

2005 Hallmark Keepsake Ornament


Christmas arrives
with the jingle of bells,
the fanfare of trumpets,
the music of laughter.
It's the sound of celebration,
bringing joy to our world
and harmony to our hearts.

Sentiment on the scroll reads: "Share the joy and harmony of this most wonderful season...for this is the Spirit of Christmas."

The 2005 Father Christmas #2 is dressed in burgundy, and carries a trumpet, a bugle and a violin. All of the instruments, as well as his belt, are gold.

Artist: Joanne Eschrich

Size: 5½" H

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