2011 Seasons Treatings #3
2011 Seasons Treatings #3

2011 Seasons Treatings #3

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Upon a warm oven rack, a freshly baked (and decorated) gingerbread man, gingerbread woman, and gingerbread house are ready to be sprinkled in sugar. What a sweet holiday treat!

For 2011, Hallmark produced THREE different Season's Treatings ornaments.
1) The original Season's Treatings, #3 in the series (THIS ONE).
2) The repaint available at the 25th Class Reunion KOC national event (NOT this one).
3) The EXTREMELY RARE repaint given to retailers visiting the Atlanta Gift Market in January 2011 (NOT this one)

Artist: Sharon Visker & Steve Goslin

Size: 3" H
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